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The truly ‘perfect’ home is hard to come by, unless you’re building from scratch. Even then, chances are you may want to update that custom home over time.

Perhaps you’ve found an imperfect property in a perfect location. Maybe your Caribbean home just needs a refreshing change. Whatever your reasons for wanting to update your home through renovation, these ideas will help you choose what and how to renovate, as well as what projects will give you the biggest bang for your buck.


The kitchen truly is the heart of any home. If you love to cook or entertain, your friends, family, and guests all end up gathering there to eat and enjoy each other’s company.

This tendency for everyone to gather in one place is something you should put at the top of your list when considering which room to renovate. Think about how the flow of the kitchen will work, so that you as the homeowner get the functionality you want out of the space while maximising efficiency. Deciding what items go where will also help you determine what kind of appliances are appropriate.

One of the best ways to get a big ‘wow factor’ in the kitchen is with high-quality cabinets. By choosing a beautiful design, colour, and eye-catching detailing, the other elements of the kitchen will complement the entire design aesthetic. A renovation’s total timeline is also reduced when design details like cabinets and appliances are determined.


If there was ever a space that should be relaxing, it’s the bathroom. From turning your master bath into a spa-like oasis, to offering a bold pop of colour in the powder room, renovating a bathroom can make a big design difference in the home.

Consider how you want your bathroom to feel and function. If a family bathroom is used for quick showers after trips to the beach, keep lines clean and simple, choose a user-friendly toilet, and a simple ‘vanity’ to avoid clutter. Make it easy for people to get in and out.

For a more luxurious experience, choosing an elegant faucet or showerhead will create a sense of peace and calm in a master bath.

A really fantastic shower can make the bathroom feel like a five-star hotel. Frameless shower doors and a huge variety of tiling and stone options give a shower an expensive, elegant, and truly customised feel.


The living room should be just that—a comfortable place to live.

A design session with an interior designer could be a great way to help you clarify what you want from the space, even if you eventually want to do the work yourself. The top ways to make a renovated living area feel brand new are to focus on updated decor, seating for family and visitors, and electronics and entertainment. Having a dollar figure in mind becomes important in this room, as electronics tend to eat up a lot of the budget.

A well-designed outdoor area can greatly extend your living space. When choosing an outdoor renovation, keep the elements top of mind. A new deck, gazebo, or patio area may quickly become a favourite place to relax. The Caribbean’s unbeatable backdrop make an outdoor space a favourite one to renovate and turn into a really beautiful place to call home.

Top Tips

Prioritise—While it may not be as ‘fun,’ the most pressing projects should come first. In the long run, fixing a leaking roof will be more important than getting new cabinets.

Timeline—Know when you’d like to have your project finished; then be flexible. In general, you can have everything you want, but in a timeline different than your original vision. If you want to stick with your timeline, you may have to make design compromises elsewhere. Choosing the right time of year will save time, money, and also ensure the job gets done right.

Budget—Whether your budget is big or small, let the way you want your rooms to feel dictate what you’re willing to spend. Choosing one ‘big-ticket’ item and then opting for more moderate materials for the rest of the room can keep a renovation affordable.

Space—No matter your total square footage, a renovation can improve the way you live in your spaces. Small space solutions are more available than ever, and large rooms can be enhanced with paint, artwork, and other decorative elements.

Materials—Make sure your renovation is done right by choosing the right materials for your specific project. Don’t skimp on this aspect of the renovation, as the wrong materials may mean you have to revisit the project again too soon.

Contractor Choice—Many contractors don’t do it all. Getting recommendations from trusted businesses and friends will help you choose the right person for your project.