When you call it home, actually living a normal day-to-day existence in the Caribbean is different.

If you are a Newbie to the Caribbean islands or another tropical paradise, you’ll soon notice the experience is a learning curve. Here are some reflections on becoming acclimated to life in the Caribbean.

  1. If you’re not barefoot, you are overdressed.

    On the beach, no shirts, no shoes, no problems. Commune with nature.

  2. Sunday is about liming.

    Limin’ is a Trinidadian slang which means hanging around, usually in a public place with friends and enjoying the scene. On a Caribbean Sunday, limin’ is the art of doing NOTHING. Some people might call it being lazy, but most lime time is well-deserved. Sometimes you just need to set aside work, put yourself in a time out, and just let go. So, whether you are doing nothing with your friends or nothing by yourself – you are pretty much doing, what? Ya, doing nothing. Sunday is totally downtime.

  3. You’re just not that into coffee anymore.

    The matter of fact is that here in the Caribbean, they don’t really do coffee. It’s just too hot outside.
    There’s no better way to recharge than with an iced drink in the cool shade.
    And who needs energy from caffeine when you’re naturally energised by the sun!

  4. Endless beach flip flops.

    Life is better in flip flops. They are not just an accessory; they are mythic devices that have the ability to transport both body and mind to a comfortable casual, calm state of being. People wear them to go everywhere year round in tropical climates (with the exception of corporate offices of course). Flip-flops are as normal as breathing, you can’t get enough of them. – Just don’t forget to remove them before stepping on someone’s boat!
    shoe tree

  5. You’re not always on vacation.

    Actually living a normal day-to-day existence in the Caribbean is no different from anywhere else. There are still everyday chores which need to be done like making the beds, cleaning house, grocery shopping, preparing your own meals, etc. As a full-time resident, you will surprisingly find that you sometimes only appreciate living in the Caribbean when seeing the seascape through the eyes of visitors. Luckily, the Caribbean is the land of “sun, sand and surf” which we can escape to on our days off only to return to mundane reality.

  6. Nice hair does not exist.

    Nope, not going to happen. Sea air is nature’s best tonic for mind and body, as well as a hair stylist. Your hair is always like swaying palm trees moving to the wind, sometimes even “capping off” the Caribbean’s nature beauty. So embrace the salty ocean sea as use it as a styling product, because the hot sun will only melt hair gel.

  7. Mozzy spray is a necessity.

    Hang out at for happy hour at sunset and return home with two dozen mosquito bites back home; be prepared to keep some spray handy at any time of the day. Actually living in the Caribbean involves co-existing and tolerance with all manner of creatures, not just mosquitoes. Don’t be surprised to find a crab in your shower, several giant iguanas and lizards basking on the patio, and beetles crawling up your window screens. Part of the process of adapting to life in the Caribbean is developing a pre set-off ritual — bathing your exposed parts in mozzy spray or insect repellent.

  8. Online Shopping will become your addiction.

    Yeah, ladies like their money where they can see it- hanging in their closet. Nevertheless huge malls and outlets don’t exist on some small islands, hence you miss keeping up-to-date with the latest fashions from mainland. In imported stores, supplies come once a month and they’re usually a full fashion season behind. So as an alternative, online shopping will become your addiction, and pastime.
    surfing on the beach. Laptop display is cut with clipping path