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It’s a special thing when passion and career ambitions come together which is what happened when a group of us decided to set up Fusion BVI.

Fusion is an active lifestyle company based in the British Virgin Islands offering kitesurfing lessons, Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) hire, tours, events, and Yoga/Pilates classes; an organisation that bestows the unique aspects sought in living the tropical Caribbean life to an individual’s experience of the BVI.


But why would you take up water-sports if you’ve never tried before? And why is the BVI special for these sunny, outdoor activities? Here are a few enticing answers:

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Why are water-sports special in the BVI?

The BVI is one of the most beautiful places on the globe with a chilled vibe, allowing you to feel completely removed from the rest of the busy world. The water is warm all year round and the colours are breath-taking.


The beaches aren’t too busy and are safe for all ages with some of the best water-sports conditions you can enjoy; this includes, steady trade winds to keep the kiteboarders happy, secluded bays for the paddle boarders to explore, and incredible views for the Yoga and Pilates classes to get that positive energy flowing.

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What do the Fusion team bring to the table?

The founders of Fusion have lived in the BVI for over a decade and during this time they’ve been lucky enough to have some unbelievable experiences on the water. Whether it’s kitesurfing, paddle boarding, surfing, cliff jumping, wakeboarding, or free diving, they’ve done it.


The thinking behind Fusion was to share these novel experiences and get people on the water safely with professional expertise.

All of their kiteboarding instructors are internationally certified and teach with the latest 2015 Cabrinha Kiteboarding equipment and IKO/BKSA based teaching methods.

I have had the great luxury of running the water-sports operation on Necker Island and coaching Sir Richard Branson across the English Channel to secure three Guinness World Records in 2012.

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How does Fusion help Kiteboarding beginners?

One of the biggest mistakes people make is trying to figure out kiteboarding on their own, which generally ends in tears. It’s 100% worth the initial investment to get yourself going safely. Your progression will be faster with professional guidance saving you time and money in the long run.

Also, due to the lack of launching space in the North Sound area, Fusion’s boat-based launching and teaching utilises the best beaches and teaching areas based on the wind angle on any given day. This ensures students make the most of every windy day.

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How do I get to the North Sound for lessons?

The team at Fusion have established the best methods to get their clients to and from the mainland or their charter boats to the kiting locations, leaving it to a simple phone call. Once you’re in the North Sound, Saba Rock has an awesome kite viewing deck which allows partners or family to relax with a Painkiller—an amazing local rum cocktail—whilst watching their loved ones learning to kite right in-front of them. With our own teaching boat, Fusion can also do pickups from anywhere in the North Sound.


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What packages are available?

The Fusion BVI website has details of the different lesson plans on offer which includes safety cover and ski lift style rides back upwind for those still mastering kiting into the wind. Take a look at www.fusionbvi.com

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What’s the attraction to Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP), Yoga and Pilates?

The company name represents a Fusion of three activities which really complement each other and are all eco-friendly. SUP rentals on Virgin Gorda allow residents and visitors to explore the beautiful coastlines of the Baths National Park and other protected coastlines.

Exercise from SUP can be quite strenuous and there is no better way to wind down and stretch out your muscles than a Yoga or Pilates class designed to relax the body.


Fusion’s experienced SUP guides and Yoga instructors will make sure that you get the most out of every session whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned pro.

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How does the board rental service work?

Fusion will deliver and collect the boards from most villas on VG, offer instruction, and let clients know about the secret fun spots to explore. Rental rates are daily, three-day, or weekly.


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What is Fusion’s vision moving forwards?

Fusion wants to promote fun, healthy, active outdoor living while reinforcing the importance of keeping our waters and beaches clean.

Last year’s beach clean-up on Prickly Pear was a huge success and the Fusion team are hoping to have even more people join in for the next one scheduled for mid-March 2015 – check the website for more details www.fusionbvi.com. The entire Fusion team get involved and encourage not only BVI residents, but visitors to join in and make a positive change to the BVI coastlines.

The Oceans take care of us, we should return the favour.