The Department of Education is set to host the 2009 BVI National Science Fair. The fair will take place from Tuesday May 26 to Thursday May 28. This year’s theme will be, ‘A Change in our Environment: Reducing the BVI’s Carbon Footprint’.

Coordinator of the National Science Fair and Education Officer for Mathematics and Science, Mrs. Jillian Douglas- Philip says the theme was chosen to reflect the need to educate the people of the Territory of the implications that pollution can have on the environment

“We have given our students a challenge to find creative ways through presentations, debates and collaborative projects to demonstrate the ways that we affect our environment through pollution and wasting energy. They are also invited to show the possible ways we can reduce our polluting and reduce our energy use, thereby reducing our carbon foot print”, she said.

“Our students have risen to the challenge and based on the preliminary debates held in the past week, we expect this science fair to be as exciting as it will be educational.”

The 2009 BVI National Science Fair begins on Tuesday May 26 with an opening ceremony at the Sir Rupert Briercliffe Hall at 9:15 a.m. The finals for both the Math and Science quizzes will follow immediately after the short ceremony.

Other planned activities for the three day event are on Thursday May 28. There will also be a formal closing ceremony on Thursday May 28 beginning at 2:15 p.m. the Secondary Debate Finals and the Science Projects Exhibition

The BVI National Science fair is an initiative created by the Department of Education to promote the use of science outside the classroom and to foster new interest in students for Mathematics and Science alike.