Tuesday 19TH January, 2010 – Today, the Cayman Islands was impacted by a 5.8 Magnitude Earthquake. The epicenter was located 19.2 N 80.84W, approximately 6.2 miles deep. According to the Puerto Rico Seismic Network (PRSN,) no damage has been reported thus far and no Tsunami Watch or Warnings have been issued for the Virgin Islands.

According to CNN reports, residents experienced shaking, and persons quickly evacuated buildings. This quake comes just seven days after the 7.0 Earthquake which devastated Haiti.  In speaking with the Director of PRSN, Mrs. Christa Von Hillebrandt-Andrade, she indicated that there was no historic or scientific data to establish a link between today's quake and the Haiti earthquake.

Residents are reminded that the Virgin Islands are located in a seismically active area and therefore earthquake preparedness levels should remain at the highest. Residents are asked to pay attention to earthquake preparedness tips that are being broadcast through all forms of media, and to visit the DDM Website at www.bviddm.com for more details on earthquake preparedness.