As the yacht capital of the world, the BVI spearheads some fantastic boating exhibitions, regattas, and of course witnesses a range of fine vessels cruising through her waters. We also have the pleasure of experiencing grand diversity in yacht technologies, which has enticed our Spotlight toward Iguana Yachts’ amphibious boats.

Amphibious vehicles are vessels that operate on land and sea. They’re potentially ideal for the BVI resident who loves cruising our 60 islands and cays, enjoys state-of-the-art gadgets, and is mindful of eco-friendly measures.

Iguana Yachts’ vessel that best represents this innovative design, is the E-Iguana 29 whose electric drive technology supports global sustainability initiatives.

With the BVI increasingly drawn in the direction of alternative energy resources and quality management of our environment, it would only prove conducive to utilise yachts that accommodate the islands’ growing ethos.

“We intend to establish the electric drive as a new way of life,” said CEO of Iguana Yachts Antoine Brugidou; with the E-Iguana 29 producing zero local emissions and scarcely making a sound, this vision appears like a plausible reality.

Iguana’s Chief Engineer Florent De Labarre explained the execution of this new technology.

“Costs, performance and charging times are improving so rapidly that now the time is ripe for the electric drive,” he said. “Our E-Iguana 29 has already been undergoing intensive internal and customer trials since 2015, we now have an extremely reliable solution.”

Many boating accidents occur during the boarding or disembarking of guests; the Iguana’s stability on land permits safe transition for passengers, cargo, and is especially helpful for children and individuals with limited mobility.

“With a ground pressure per square centimetre equivalent to an 80-kg human, the environmental impact is the lowest in the boat industry,” said Steve Huppert at Iguana Yachts. “Most amphibious vehicles have been developed to operate on land and cross water sections; the Iguana goes further than this, capable of cruising 100 miles with the ability to securely transfer guests even in five feet beach break.”

The uniqueness in Iguana’s electric drive systems is discovered in its range, environment of use, and service life. This is due to Active Thermal Management that allows the battery cells to be heated and cooled efficiently. With reduced need to service the boat, the E-Iguana 29 is a clear way to participate in the motion to blend cutting-edge technology in safe alignment with the natural environment.

It is renowned that the worst aspects of boating are the toxic bottom paints, the infrastructure needed to have docks, and the spill of boats corroding while waiting to be operated. The E-Iguana 29 is a practical solution for these environmental and ecological challenges, with the competence of safe storage on land and zero impact on ‘nature’s little secrets.’