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Tuesday, February 26 – Government continues to honour a commitment made to the people of Anegada by paying compensation claims to persons for lands acquired for infrastructural development.

Last week, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour presented two cheques to families for approximately 18 acres of land acquired for the development of the Auguste George International Airport on Anegada.

Senior Lands Officer Mrs. Michele St. Edmondson told the Department of Information and Public Relations that the ministry received claims from 19 people who, by virtue of long occupation, had possession of land which was subsequently used to develop the airport.
“In 2005, Executive Council, now Cabinet, approved funding to pay compensation for valid claims for land which was utilized by government for the Anegada airport including land set aside for its future expansion.  Monetary compensation was approved, while land compensation was provided based on an exchange of one square foot for one square foot”, she added.

Since 2005, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour has been making payments to claimants who have satisfied all the requirements for processing.  To date, 13 people have received payments.
The airport was built in 1968 on approximately 32 acres of land.
Among other areas, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour is committed to the conservation of the environment, forestry, fisheries, and management and regulations of crown lands.