Allamanda – a sensitive view – The Allamanda Gallery, located on historic Main Street in the centre of Road Town, is the showcase for the photographic artistry of Amanda Baker. Her subject is the BVI, captured in all its tones and moods through an eye honed by more than 20 years of looking and recording. Amanda first came to the BVI as a sailor.  With her husband, Clive Petrovic, a marine biologist, she ventured out on charter, enjoying the seas and the adventure.  Amanda was stunned by the visual environment in which she sailed in and soaked up sun.  After 10 years and many adventures, the couple celebrated the birth of their son Daniel by moving to land and starting businesses.  Amanda pursued her love affair with photography by shooting children’s portraits inspired by her son, and seascapes of the BVI.  Wanting to progress further, she took some courses and, before long, a business, Virgin Portraits was up and running. 

Opening her first gallery with acclaimed local artist Lisa Grey in 2003, Amanda’s stock grew and soon the need for more space led to the opening of the new shop, dedicated to photography, a few steps along the street.

Amanda Baker's work is sharp and stunning.  She is a modest person but her works speak loudly for her and describe a specific BVI flavor that is instantly recognizable.   

Transitioning into wedding photography, Amanda used her intimate knowledge of the islands to pinpoint favorite locations of her own and others. Amanda knows that perfect spot and the right time of day for ideal lighting against the a breathtaking backdrop to complement the beaming couple.  In addition to these genres, Amanda's passion is for portraying flowers, an interest she attributes to her feminine nature, producing images that are at once bold and strong but which impart an underlying sensitivity.

At a recent viewing of the photographs I was captured by the stunning seascapes.  The images portray the islands and their waters in their dramatic, rugged beauty…

Amanda prints her own work at the gallery and describes her work modestly as “emotional portraits with outdoor locations.”  She, and her work, can be found at: Allamanda Gallery, Main Street, Road Town.