Villa Review

The long and winding road through and above Long Bay Resort reveals a rental villa overlooking the northern beaches of West End, perfectly suited for the corporate family and guests.  Luxurious and contemporary, yet comfortable, Azure Vista is a leased rental from Trude Real Estate.

Finding accommodation after accepting employment in the British Virgin Islands can be difficult, and if it is your first time abroad or in the islands, enjoying the benefits of modern living in addition to the Island’s natural beauty is going to make your transition a lot smoother.  Leases need to be signed and commitments made, so connecting with a good realtor is vital to ensuring you get exactly what you need, and within your budget guidelines.  Finding a corporate identity in private rental is a key aspect of Trude Real Estate, with Dee Whitrod at the helm.


There are many factors to consider when renting your ideal home.  The luxury million-dollar house may be on a short-term lease, as the owners may plan their summers or winters in the house, so the extent of your stay may be limited.  Often, holiday homes are rented on a short-term basis and you may find that you don’t use the guest house or two of the other outside showers, but treat yourself to an exploration—become Goldilocks and try them all out.


Azure Vista is a charming property in every respect. Large oak doors welcome you through a traditional West Indian design of one main and one guest house. With a bedrock retaining wall on its hillside, the house makes use of its balconies, which hang over the resort below, providing a clear view of a sandy shore with Jost Van Dyke and Sandy Spit on the horizon.  There are no other houses in the vicinity, making for a quiet sanctuary.  A large pool and a large barbeque decking area for entertainment are outside.  The master suite, with high tongue and groove ceilings, is in the main house, while the guest quarters boasts two bedrooms, both with secluded outside showers.


It’s hard not to pick up on the sensual smell of wood in the fully furnished house; the oak is a wonderful tease.  Bougainvillea adorns the property, swaying quietly in the breeze, while water lapping the shores provides a tranquil audial backdrop.  The residence’s cooling cobalt wall exterior is warmed by the terra cotta motif indoors, complemented by sun-kissed sconces lighting up the sky-coloured walls.


With all modern appliances and entertainment for many, or simply a few, Azure Vista is the quintessential corporate lifestyle retreat—a place where relaxation is key, furnished by nature’s unparalleled sights and sounds.  Property management in the form of maintenance, a housekeeper and a landscaper makes it even easier for you to sit back, relax and drink in the beauty.

Fully furnished rental rates: $5k monthly. Leased through Trude BVI.