A Family Home  –  Often we come across purpose-built properties for short-term stays or villa rentals, yet seldom do we see properties in the BVI that are actual family homes steeped in history, with charm and warmth oozing from their surrounds. This modestly priced property, which has the antique flavour of a Mediterranean retreat, is ready for immediate occupancy.

Once you step through the stone wall entrance overlooking Hodge’s Creek, all of the perks of island life—breathtaking views, trade winds and self-sufficient living—present themselves to you. Part of the tranquil aura surrounding this hillside home derives from its mixture of wood and stone, which lend it a warm and earthy character. Built in 1972 by Rowan Roy, who raised his family here, this 3-bedroom/2.5-bathroom home emphasizes family living as opposed to glamour and entertaining.


The two-storey buildings have hacienda-style arches that extend up to the roof and boast a Caribbean colour scheme of yellow and blue. You can sit in one of the two garden settings and while away an afternoon as the easterly trades blow in the cool breeze. All of the wooden doors are opened to the living room and the terra cotta tiling cools the area quickly, filling you with the urge to relax. The living-room ceiling is low, unlike that of the atrium, which has a rounded stair case with an accent wall and all-wooden floors in the sleeping quarters.


The master suite, with its four-poster bed, is separated from the other two bedrooms, which serve as children’s rooms. They are cool, with-tongue-and-groove ceilings and their own stone balcony with iron railings. The living room and the outside dining area, graced with a rock wall, are ideal locations for family gatherings. All areas face the sea and light streams into the property through the high overhead trees, affording shade and protection.

The kitchen is newly fitted and minimalistic in contrast to the antique charm of the other areas of the house. The kitchen boasts every modern appliance and convenience that a contemporary family might want or need.


The first garden on the entrance has a large sea grape tree, neighboured by mango, grapefruit and lime trees. The second garden has a waterfall feature should you want to sit and listen to the water trickle as the breeze gently sweeps across the property. One gets the feeling that you could rest on one of the lounge chairs in the garden for hours, listening to the hummingbirds that frequent the area.

In structure, the house is solid stone and wood, with hurricane shutters present on every window. It is suitable to be lived in year round, and ready for any event that nature might throw its way. With the bush above and the grounds below having been recently trimmed to allow for landscaping, one has the feeling of a secluded property tucked away in a secret garden, led into by its own private road.


A garage provides ample storage area for two cars or sports equipment for neighbouring beaches. The airport is but 10 minutes away, as is the short drive into town. Provisioning is simple enough at east-end markets. With 0.89 acres, the house itself is 2,790 square feet and has its own electric water heater with a 40,000-gallon cistern. The slanted roof is composite and galvanized steel and the grounds consist of 600 square feet of landscape potential.

This is the perfect family home for BVI settling. With its old-world charm and practicality, this is a property that has been lived in, loved and cherished, and promises to carry on as such for future tenants. Suitable for a first-time buyer or even as a holiday retreat, the current furnishings in the house are antique and tell the history of a house filled with love, warmth and children’s laughter—and the promise of more to come.  

Asking price: $895,000. Caribbean Realty.