Bella PITA  –  If Angelina, or let's say Jessica Alba or Beyoncé happened to move in to the neighbourhood, you'd want to know, right?  Even if she'd been here a while and in fact already had her bags packed and was waiting for the movers, you'd still want to know, isn't that so?

Thought so—and that's a way of introducing the hottest carbon-clad beauty to grace our shores in a good long while, the Bill Tripp-designed Maxi Dolphin 75-footer, Bella PITA.  The name might mean something like Tasty Flatbread, but she's a total beauty with her one-piece seamless high-modulus carbon mast.  The hull is lightweight carbon with a fixed bowsprit for the masthead Code Zero.


The prized possession of classic-car-insurance magnate Jim Grundy, Bella PITA is a head-turning heartbreaker who spends her time at the Bitter End Yacht Club.  Vital statistics are 23 metres LOL, 5 metre beam, 22 tonne displacement and a 2.9 metre draught (board up) 4.4 metre (board down).  And no, you can't have her phone number.