Thursday, February 4 – Steadfast in its commitment to provide land for the people of the Territory, Government has granted 29 Anegadians with freehold titles to land on the island of Anegada.
This marks a first step in the long awaited distribution process. Minister for Natural Resources and Labour Hon. Omar W. Hodge said it was not an easy job to arrive at this point but noted that he was extremely pleased to give out titles to the people of Anegada.

Speaking at Saturday’s ceremony on Anegada, Minister Hodge assured those present that, “Government will not stop distributing titles until every Anegadian receives a title in his or her hand.

The land of Anegada belongs to the people of Anegada” Hon. Hodge stated.
He further encouraged young Anegadians to apply for lands as a step towards securing a brighter future.

Premier and District 9 Representative Hon. Ralph T. O’Neal, OBE congratulated the Anegadians on this major milestone.

“Today is a continuation of what was started some years ago.  The process of getting land titles to everybody especially the young people, who can now say this is your own native land, is happening at a very opportune time.  With your titles, you will be able to do very well and I am working for every Anegadian to get a fair share of the pie,” the Premier said.

The grantees present signed the instruments of transfer which were witnessed and notarised.  These instruments will undergo further processing through to registration in the names of the new owners.
All grantees now have freehold title to the lands which range in size from half an acre to an acre and a half for residential use and three acres for commercial use.

The Anegada Lands Signing Ceremony coincided with the Premier’s New Year’s Party on Anegada which brought Government officials and Anegadians together to share in the joyous occasion.

Present were Deputy Premier and Minister for Health and Social Development Hon. Dancia Penn Sallah, Minister for Communications and Works, Hon. Julian Fraser, RA, Territorial Representatives Hon. Irene Penn-O’Neal and Hon. Keith Flax, senior public servants and other invited guests.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour facilitated the Anegada Lands Transfer and is the Government’s arm responsible for the management and distribution of Crown Lands.  This includes the preparation of instruments for acquisition and the disposition of lands for residential, agricultural and commercial purposes.