Thursday, January 17 – Her Majesty’s Customs Department will begin using the Customs Automated Processing System (CAPS) for processing incoming passengers at the Road Town Ferry Dock on Friday, January 25.

The Project Director Shaina Smith informed the Department of Information and Public Relations that installation of the system will begin on January 18 and will be in full use by the 25th.  

The passenger declaration card is an integral part of the new computerized processing system. Therefore, passengers are being asked to completely fill out the passenger declaration forms, as well as to adhere to all instructions given by the Custom’s officers. Ferry operators are also being asked to assist in ensuring that passengers use the white passenger declaration card, Form – HMC 3.  
CAPS is a business software tool developed by (IBM) for customs administrations around the world to computerize manual processes and increase efficiency and effectiveness in administering the business of Customs.

Comptroller of Customs Mr. Wade Smith says CAPS has already proven to be efficient in the processing of declarations as well as for conducting compliance audits.  “CAPS provides a database to collect statistics for development planning while increasing revenue and improving protection to the Territory’s border,” he said.

The system was first introduced to the Territory at the Terrence B. Lettsome International Airport in, December 2006.   Mr. Smith says with the implementation of CAPS the Territory will have a uniformed approach to passenger processing and cargo declarations at the various ports of entry.

Her Majesty’s Customs is committed to providing professional quality service by maximizing the collection of revenue, protecting society by enforcing import and export regulations and facilitating legitimate trade.

For more information on CAPS contact the CAPS Project Manager at the BVI Customs Department at 468-3701 x 6800.