Wednesday 19th March 2008 – Dangerous swells have been affecting the local north side shores. Due to the steep slope of the ocean floor, breaking wave heights along the outer reefs and shoals of the local Atlantic coastlines are building to 20 feet and will peak at 20 to 25 feet late Wednesday through Thursday. Coastal flooding may occur along the local beaches of the north coast through Friday afternoon. Wave run up along the local beaches may reach elevations of 2 to 4 feet above sea level.  

For these reasons the Coastal Flood and High Surf watches issued yesterday have been upgraded to warnings.  These will remain in effect until 12PM Friday.

Large breaking waves may generate strong and dangerous currents within the surf zone called rip currents. These narrow outward flowing currents can carry people and animals away from the coast line and out to sea. If you become caught in a rip current do not panic. Calmly remain afloat, gather your bearings relative to the beach and swim parallel to the beach; you will eventually leave the grip of this narrow current and be able to safely swim to shore.

It is advised that local beach goers, surfers and swimmers stay out of the water until these hazardous surf conditions subside. If you are on the beach be vigilant for large breaking waves surging upon the shore which can carry you or your loved ones into the ocean. You should avoid being near the shore line and stay away from rock formations.  Adhere to the Coastal Warning Flags posted by the Conservation and Fisheries Department.

The Department of Disaster Management (DDM) is monitoring the situation and will continue to update the public accordingly. For further information please visit the DDM’s website at