It would be untrue to say that working with stainless steel is a thing of the past. In fact, Nautool have diversified their business to be recognized everywhere in the BVI. The best part being that the business has come to them.

As soon as you arrive in Tortola, the airport restaurant is your first sign that stainless steel remains popular in the BVI. Working with other suppliers, Nautool renovated the kitchen and restaurant to give them a more minimalist style but also longevity. From the counters to the tables and chairs, guests utilize Nautool’s finest. My favourite twist and press of steel has to be the staircase at the Government administration, fashioned and completed within four months.

Things are going well.

Mike modestly says, “It’s not that interesting, you know. It’s just what we do.”  

“If a simple thing like changing the colour of a room can change its look dramatically,” Mike says, “then the design of gates and railings around a building can make a statement.” 

Here in this harsh, corrosive environment, we tend to use more modern metals, such as aluminum or stainless.

Mike tells me, “We have magnificent views that we do not wish to be obstructed by heavy railings, so the use of wire cable and fine framework is very ‘in’ today.”

“Of course, another consideration is the engineering and feasibility that will play a major part in a design. Can it be bent, welded, twisted, polished? And then how much is it going to cost? That’s where the technicians come in, and it’s a team effort here at Nautool.”

“Most architects know what statement they are making when designing a home and specify the design they are looking for, and it’s important to get it right. If it’s not specified, then that’s where I come in. I like to take a personal approach with the customer to feel just what look they would like to achieve.”

“Processing some jobs from design to finish takes a huge effort from all our staff, and they all take pride in their work and can’t wait to see the finished product, especially once installed.”

“As I have said, a railing can make a bold statement, and I find it fun if the customer has an open mind, and we can design a ‘wow’ factor in a particular area of a home or business.”