UNDERWATER ADVENTURES – Not a Wetsuit in Sight – For some, the very thought of submerging beneath the waves in a submarine is likely to bring on a severe attack of claustrophobia; for others, the idea of diving into a dark abyss fills them with dread.  But there’s a whole other world down there – a captivating ecosystem full of colour and life that must pique even the most ardent couch dweller’s curiosity.  When you read, time after time, that the BVI’s warm tropical waters, shipwrecks and coral reefs merge to provide a underwater safari park second to none, one can’t help feeling just alittle jealous of those with the courage to don a wetsuit and descend the depths.

Thanks to two ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) aficionados, Andy Cowan and Chris Charlton, in partnership with Rhodni Skelton, this underwater world is no longer inaccessible to those whose swimming abilities are optimized at 6 feet.

Caribbean Underwater Adventures introduces the BVEye, an ROV with the capacity to dive to 300m, equipped with powerful sonar, high definition zoom camera and 225 watts of lighting. Real time images of our underwater paradise are relayed back to a high definition colour 50” plasma screen located at the front of the passenger cabin of a purpose built wave-piercing catamaran.  The tour operator provides live commentary, the audience is seated comfortably, and no one gets the slightest bit wet.

Tours to famous dive sites, including wrecks such as the Rhone and the Fearless, the Caves, the Indians and Spyglass wall all start and end at Nanny Cay. Although the primary focus is on tours, Andy and Chris are happy to undertake other services, including corporate day sails, children’s parties, educational ‘living classroom’ field study trips, full video general visual inspections, Sonar Surveys, salvage/Insurance inspections and tooling operations for specific projects.

For further information contact
Andy on 443 7336 or andy@cua-bvi.,com
Chris on 441 3913 or [email protected]
Or visit www.cua-bvi.com