The month will begin with a World Environment Day ceremony to be held at the Joseph Reynold O’Neal Botanical Gardens and culminate with the annual fisherman’s tournament at Long Bay, Beef Island.  A church service, a talent showcase, and for the first time, a parade advocating responsible stewardship for the planet are some of the other activities planned for the month’s observance.

Within the past years scientists have found that due to these changes in the earth, persons all over the world are largely being affected by the rise in temperature in vastly different ways.  Scientists are predicting negative changes in weather patterns such as droughts, rise in sea levels and specifically to our region, more hurricanes and rain fall. 

The CFD hosts activities in June annually to highlight the Territory’s natural environment and ways the BVI population can get involved in protecting and preserving our environment.  For further details on the activities, please visit the department’s website at