Making your Rental Home more Marketable from a Lighting Perspective – The rental of residential homes has always been an economically stable investment in the British Virgin Islands.  This statement is even more pronounced in the middle to high-end rental sector; which at present, seems to have been neglected.Upgrading to a middle or high-end rental unit from a lighting perspective requires a thoughtful, economic, secure and sensitive design.

Thoughtful Lighting Design:
Spending a few extra dollars on lighting can instantly increase the value of your home and, with almost immediate effect, position it in the category of the ever demanding mid to high-end rental sector.

By paying careful attention to the design, you will be amazed how simple additions such as decorative table or floor lamps, recessed lighting or track lighting can give even the most basic room a distinctive lift.

Recessed lighting will add a touch of sophistication to kitchens, hallways and bedrooms.  Bear in mind though, that the construction costs of installing a recessed-ceiling can be quite high.  Track lighting, on the other hand, requires a smaller installation cost and still projects a level of sophistication.  This is most noticeable with the recent unveiling of the modern designs of ‘Euro Lighting’.  Tracks now come with an element of flourish to add flavour to an otherwise simple lighting statement.

Floor and table lamps fortunately require no installation costs and can still give a very warm and sophisticated appeal to your home. Choose from a range of intricately detailed metal and wood designs to add flair to the rooms.

Economic Lighting Design:
An economic lighting design will serve to enhance a home’s marketability in the rental arena.  Based on the monthly rental cost of mid to high-end units, it would be thoughtless to provide your tenants with a lighting design that produces the highest level of energy-consumption cost.  On this basis, either low-voltage lighting or decorative fluorescent lighting is a suitable option.

Secure and Sensitive Lighting Design:
Every tenant, be they short or long-term, will put security at the top of their requirements for an enjoyable stay.  A secure and sensitive lighting design encompasses the installation of security flood-lights and motion sensors.  By illuminating the perimeter of your home, you will not only be providing a safer environment, but also serving to deter criminal activity.  

Motion sensors should be strategically placed to provide coverage over doors and windows and any other area that can pose as an accessible point for undesirables. Flood-lights, on the other hand, should remain in inconspicuous areas so as to provide that ‘element of surprise’ when activated.

You don’t have to settle for the current look or retail value of your rental unit. When you visit, we give you options from a variety of top class lighting that will not only increase the value of your property, but will transform its potential on the market.  With a small investment can result in instant cash rewards.