Tying the Sailor’s Knot – MarineTrack and Multimap Wed –  Multimap, the company providing one of the world’s most popular internet location to destination tools, has recently joined forces with MarineTrack, a UK-based tracking solutions provider, in a bid to assist marine fleet managers with their security efforts.   There’s an added bonus for fleet owners investing in this marriage made in the marina; the data can be used to map out production rates, allowing for assessment of productivity levels and pinpointing improvements.

MarineTrack is one of the first marine telematics organisations to implement the Multimap API (Application Programming Interface) on their website, www.marinetrack.com. The implementation enables fleet managers, be they from the commercial shipping, recreational yachting or charter markets, to view the exact location of their asset(s) in real time on an interactive map.

Tracking is a relatively simple process.  Clients simply click on their area of interest on the site’s world map, the interactivity element allowing them to zoom in/out, pan North, South, East or West or define the map area simply by moving the mouse.  Further information, e.g. speed and current position, is displayed beneath the map and in ‘tool-tip’ boxes, giving fleet managers a view of the location of their entire fleet, and enabling to track fleet movements.  Further benefits, including insurance premium reductions, have several purchasers singing the Multimap-MarineTrack venture’s praises.
“Multimap’s new API service is also a valuable cartography platform for the highly-demanding megayacht industry,” says Andy Hoffenden, Chief Operations Manager at MarineTrack.  “The detailed coastline mapping features are a valuable tool for protecting multi-million dollar assets.”
Jeff Kelisky, CEO of Multimap, proposes the API is primarily an asset management tool, and highlights the benefits in terms of speed of delivery.  “We are delighted our API service can assist MarineTrack’s clients with this highly interactive, easily implenented site.”

For more information, log on to http://www.marinetrack.com.