In small proportions we just beauties see;
And in short measures, life may perfect be.

– Benjamin Johnson

This month, OBMI formally launches our “Small Works” division in the British Virgin Islands. Having grown internationally over the past decade, with high profile projects on every continent and new offices in Miami, Madrid and Muscat, we’re often perceived as being focused primarily on the larger, high-end projects in the hotel and resort design sector. However, in reality, each of our island offices is deeply grounded in its local context and is working on a variety of project types at all scales.

Our local BVI office is no exception, having a broad spread of residential, hospitality and commercial work for a wide variety of different clients. Within the BVI and on neighbouring islands, we continue to work on everything from small residential and commercial remodels and additions to mid-scale commercial buildings, interior design and, yes, entire resort communities including their décor and furnishing packages.

In a small and close-knit community such as ours, it pays to be flexible and responsive to the needs of the local market, and we pride ourselves on being able to respond quickly and seriously to all inquiries, big and small. The “Small Works” concept was developed by our Bermuda office some years ago to acknowledge and advertise this community connection. It has allowed our team in Bermuda to effectively engage with clients who are on a limited budget or who require a targeted amount of design or contractual input.


Many property owners have in mind a general concept for how they would like to develop or improve their land or their building but do not necessarily have funds to carry out extensive work. “Small Works” is our way to let the community know that it’s possible for us to tailor our services, to assist with any aspect of a project, no matter how small, to achieve a client’s goals in a creative way.

There’s no strict definition of what constitutes a small project. The menu of services can include architectural and interior design, technical drafting, simple budgeting and cost estimating, specification of furniture, fixtures and finishes, assistance with Town Planning and Building Authority approvals, general property advice and the reviewing of construction documents. From a deck extension to a planning application for a new guest cottage, a new kitchen arrangement to a design for a new driveway, every project is unique and worthy of attention.

In reality, OBM BVI has always undertaken these types of projects. Our interior designers, architects and technologists are used to working to tight budgets and challenging deadlines. But in these difficult economic times, by identifying and acknowledging the importance and significance of this work, we can elevate these “small” projects to give them the professional attention they deserve.