Monday, August 24 –The Ministry of Communications and Works is pleased to announce that the recently commissioned traffic lights are fully operational after some technical issues were addressed.

According to Acting Permanent Secretary, Mr. Gary Penn, “on Friday the lights at the roundabout experienced some technical difficulties that sent the entire intersection to flashing red lights for most of the day. Technicians from the supplying company have since found and corrected the problem.  The traffic lights at both locations are therefore up and running,” Mr. Penn stated.  “I would like to stress however, that having just commissioned these lights only a few days ago, they would be monitored continuously and adjusted as necessary until a generally acceptable setting for all users is attained. In this regard, to expedite the flow of traffic, recalibration of the timing of the lights has taken place since the lights’ commissioning and would continue into the future as necessary,” Mr. Penn continued.

The traffic lights and signals which were commissioned during a ceremony on Thursday August 20, revealed some challenges with the timing of the lights and they had to be recalibrated to expedite the flow of traffic and to ensure that all the lights were in sync with each other.

Acting Director of Public Works Department, Dr. Drexel Glasgow told the Department of Information and Public Relations that the route through the House of Assembly was blocked off so that the technicians could get an idea of the true volume of traffic at the Roundabout and so they could set the timers and calibrate the lights for the efficient flow of traffic.

“The goal of the calibration is to ensure that the signal timing plans are optimized for the traffic conditions, thus minimizing queue length and delays and improving the overall operation of the intersection. The public is asked to exercise patience and good ethics during the calibration period Dr. Glasgow,” Dr. Glasgow added.

According to the Acting Permanent Secretary, “motorists should minimize stopping around the roundabout as any impediment to the flow of traffic in this area could affect traffic in all areas.  Taxi and bus operators are especially reminded to use the bus stop provided by Government on Fishlock Road adjacent to the LIME offices and avoid picking up and discharging passengers on James Walter Francis Drive in the vicinity of the Roundabout.

Pedestrians are urged to use the crosswalks and to act responsibly and only press the button if they wish to cross.  The pedestrian crossings are exclusive, which means that once the pedestrian button is pushed it will stop the flow of vehicular traffic in all directions, therefore it is imperative that pedestrians only push the button when they wish to cross to avoid the unnecessary delays in traffic.

In 2002 Government commissioned the first set of traffic lights at the intersection of James Walter Francis Drive and Station Avenue in an effort to curb the many traffic accidents that occurred in the area at that time.  These installations were carried out in an effort to relieve the traffic congestion in Road Town and to provide a more pedestrian-friendly capital.