What would you say if I told you of a parrot for sale for $1.2 million? Don"t scoff, there really is such a bird. Green, gold, red and deep blue, this parrot has the run of a 1.66 acre plot, sings snatches of opera and has been known to put in a couple of hours" work helping the gardener move stones. While a beauty in her own right, and with personality to match, perhaps this avian acrobat"s most attractive feature is the four-bedroom house and the grounds included in the deal.

The parrot flew in from parts unknown a few years back, but the house has been around a little longer. Set into the hillside not far from Fort Recovery, the house has views towards St. John and West End. Clever landscaping and years of growth have shaped the view so that it is possible to see almost no evidence of other people; just the green slopes of the islands and the blue sea and sky. The lush gardens are bursting with lime, banana and soursop, all overseen by venerable Tamarinds, hibiscus, bougainvillea and Flametrees offering a dazzling display of bright and colourful blooms..

Pelican Point, as the residence is known, comprises a ranch-style home built in concrete and wood set amidst almost two acres of mature garden and meandering stone pathways. Tucked against the hillside, the three levels of the home offer a comfortable domestic space where the lucky residents can enjoy privacy and quiet yet have excellent entertainment and family space.

A sturdy electric gate guards access to the grounds, and from the driveway it is but a few steps down to the partially covered wooden deck, which is the hub of domestic activity. Life is lived outdoors at Pelican Point—the sprawling deck is an al fresco living room. From the deck one enters the interior living/dining room, with its comfortable sofas and bookshelf lined walls. The U-shaped open kitchen, with its abundance of cupboards and storage is large enough for shared duties. The six-burner Mabe stove makes this is a place for serious cooking, while a slim-profile LCD screen provides distraction for the chef. The kitchen opens into a long corridor with a study/bedroom to one side, a bathroom to the other and, at the end, the Master Bedroom.

This bedroom, with its deep wall closets, is open and airy and has lovely views across to St. John"s wooded slopes. A remarkable feature is the enormous open bath area, with a free-standing tub and double sinks which look out to the garden. Everywhere is tile—a pale apricot/peach at the bathroom counter and ivory underfoot.

Steps lead from the open outdoors deck down to the play area, which features a deep lap pool and a spa tub shaped to take advantage of the hillside. An ideal entertainment space, the pool area offers extensive views of both distant islands and nearby hillsides. On this level there is a self-contained flat, with its own bedroom, kitchen and bathroom—which has been extensively modified to provide a vast storage unit.

Adjacent to the pool area sits yet another bedroom with its own bathroom. A utility room, containing a washer and drier opens off the bedroom. From this level, a path leads to the lower driveway where the garage and generator room are situated.

This description of rooms and features doesn"t quite do justice to the feel of the property. With its combination of dark wood and rustic tile, the deep verandah and private pathways, here is a home that is at once a retreat and a celebration. There is nothing gaudy or glitzy about Pelican Point, it is a sensible home nestled in beautiful landscaping and with every amenity to make life comfortable. Carol, the resident parrot, makes it also a place of character and vivacity. She flew in and settled down, choosing this above all other possibilities for her Tortola home; now Pelican Point awaits another visionary to make the same choice and be entranced by its charms.

Asking Price: $1.2 million.

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