Save Money – Save the Planet – Green Clean – The Bio Balance Septic Tank Care System is a useful, eco-friendly commode cleaner that provides your bathroom’s septic tank with green care. While most of us might not want to give a thought to what we’re flushing down the hole, it’s important to have a healthy septic tank, to avoid bad odors resulting from the build-up of bad bacteria.  

Fluidmaster, makers of this product, boasts that Bio Balance helps to boost your septic system health with every flush.  The product is made with powerful natural biodegradable enzymes that break down household waste.  By using natural enzymes the product does not contain harsh chemicals that can damage your septic system or release those chemicals into the environment. Enzymes leave no residue or chemicals in the tank to damage parts and hinder its operation.  Even better, the enzymes keep your toilet bowls smelling better and looking cleaner longer as they repel stains and mineral build up.

The filter is easy to install in your commode’s water tank and cartridges can be replaced for continuous cleaning and balancing of bacteria in your septic system.  Each cartridge lasts an average of three months.

To pick up one of these neat and easy to install toilet tank cartridges, visit our friends at Clarence Thomas Limited in Pasea Estate on Tortola.  For under $20 even your loo can be green and clean.