Bat cave & spaghetti junction  –  The original Bat Cave is on its fourth location, once relocated to Baughers Bay and has returned to its previous spot in Village Cay. On a breezy spring day, owner John Schultheiss and I sit down to talk of yesteryear and the future of the Bat Cave, a locale often associated with good times and wild nights. As we eye the dancing pole soon to be erected, we laugh, thinking of possible good times ahead.

We are sampling lunchtime fare from Bat Cave’s sister restaurant, Spaghetti Junction.  Traditionally Italian, Spaghetti Junction serves East Indian cuisine and other international flavours at lunchtime. Italian and East Indian do seem disparate initially, but the range is a great concept.

The idea came from British expats and a huge party John threw for a local Indian family who loved the food so much they insisted it become part of the menu. I can see why as I tuck in the chicken tikka kebab with apple and mint chutney, simply delicious when accompanied by the seviche. The flavours are all separate, but the fusion is tantalizing, and after lunch I still feel light but satisfied and savouring the flavours.

By night, Spaghetti Junction returns to its roots as an Italian restaurant with strong, traditional dishes such as Osso Bucco and Beef Marsala. John jokes that both the lead chefs are Jamaican Italian. “My clients contain a strong Italian following on the island, and when they ask me what part of Italy my chefs are from, I always say the Jamaican part.” Both executive chefs Pete Barrett and Patrick Williams are graduates of New England Culinary Institute. They are backed up by a team of 25 personnel.  John describes the service as high end but informal.

All food, even the sauces, is made to order, and whilst big tables are welcome, John points out that the timing and presentation of all the dishes are of great pride to them. Dinner at Spaghetti Junction is not fast food. And the wait in-between courses is on a great waterfront setting with time to savour the company of your dining partners and soak in the ambiance. The décor is rich in dark woods, and guests are as comfortable in tuxedos as shorts and shirts.

The wine list has a strong international feel, with Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio as lead players, as well as Chianti. John imports all wines from local suppliers and is excited about the wine dispensary on display. “Finally,” pipes John, “a place where you can get a top-of-the-line wine at a reasonable price and by using the glass dispensary, we can have up to twelve excellent wines on top to try and enjoy without paying the full price of a bottle.”

Spaghetti Junction and the Bat Cave both have a strong following, and John senses the old days are coming back. As we finish lunch, one of the visiting patrons drains a Vampire’s Bite cocktail and woops an “Ooooaaarr! I’ve just been bitten!”

The Bat Cave and Spaghetti Junction are open six days a week, both serving dinner from five till ten. Spaghetti Junction is open for lunch daily. Bat Cave stays open late night. 


Lunch Menu

Vegetable Pakora (Bhaji)
Mixed Veg. fritters w/ chutney

Prawn Curry
Prawns in curry sauce

Fish Masala Curry
Fish cooked in masala curry sauce

Chicken Tikka
Chicken breast marinated in yogurt, in a Tandoor style – served on a skewer

Aloo Behgan
Eggplant and potato cooked with East Indian spices

Dinner Menu


Smoked Salmon Crostini
Rosette of smoke salmon on olive oil and garlic crostini with sour cream.

Pumpkin Soup
Oven roasted Pumpkin simmered in vegetable stock with herbs & spices, pureed and finished with honey cream


Chili & Garlic-Rubbed Rib-Eye Steak
Prime US Rib-Eye Steak, rubbed with fresh Caribbean chilies and garlic. Grilled and served with black olive and mushroom-tapenade bruschetta, roasted potatoes, and Chianti & avocado hollandaise

Tiger Shrimp with Dill Roasted Tomatoes
Tiger shrimp, flamed in aged, golden rum, and tossed over linguine with dill roasted tomatoes and light, lemon-cream sauce

Pollo Di Bollentini
Tender, roasted chicken breast stuffed with prosciutto, herbed fontina cheese, fresh basil, parsley, cracked black pepper, and  sun-dried tomatoes in a light cream sauce