A Season for Change – A few tips to help even the most uninspired decorator become a topnotch interior designer.    As anyone who works in a seasonal business here knows, we very rarely have time for ‘spring cleaning’ in the spring months. In fact, we find this annual clear out rarely takes place until months of July, August and September. And it’s in this ‘slowdown’ period that we finally have time to reorganize, re-decorate and re-think our interior spaces.

The key to good organization is to be strict and use the rule ‘if an item hasn’t been used in the past year then it’s time to throw it out’ (or better still, donate it to someone else).  This is a rule that’s especially applicable to clothes.  We are lucky in the Caribbean as we don’t have to worry about changing weather and separating our sweaters from our shorts, but even with regular sort outs you’d be surprised by how many clothes you actually accumulate! Baskets, clear plastic storage boxes and hanging closet organizers are great way to sort different items and keep the numbers down.  Once the reorganizing has been taken care of, we can turn our thoughts to the decorating.

When we move into a new house or apartment, we spend a good chunk of time decorating and making it our own. Then, more often than not, our interior décor stays the same way for years without change. There is nothing more refreshing than updating your living space – even the smallest changes can make the biggest difference. If it really is hard to see where there is room for improvement, you may find it beneficial to employ the services of an interior designer or somebody with a good eye to give you some advice.

Painting is a relatively inexpensive way to really change the ambience of a room. There are so many different colours and textures of paints available these days that the possibilities are seemingly endless. Paint is also easy to change. If you don’t like the colour you’ve chosen once it’s on your walls, add a quick coat of primer and that warm yellow becomes a deep purple instantly!

Re-thinking your furniture arrangement will also alter ambience.  Moving some select pieces around the house or adding a new piece will refresh the look of any room.  But add a dash of colour with a change in textiles – a change in upholstery or covering the chairs with a throw; a new set of curtains; or by simply changing the rug and you had a whole new dimension to the room.  

All these textiles suggestions can be purchased readymade here on Island.  For a more unique look, visit some of the local fabric specialists.  Most retailers will make up your chosen fabric into curtains, cushions or slipcovers.

No matter how big or small your renovation projects may be this summer, with some organization, a splash of colour and a few new items, you’ll be sure to create a fresh, updated look in your home that you’ll love.  Over the next few months we hope we’ll be able to give you some great ideas for doing just that.