The Husky Family to Puerto Rico: Mush  –  Puerto Rico was a family affair for Kevin Rowlette, captain and owner of Rushin’ Rowlette, an Olson 30, which swept the Second Annual Puerto Rico Vela Cup last weekend. Kevin’s wife Rebecca Paull-Rowlette, also an accomplished sailor, participated as crew, while Kevin’s mom Cathleen flew down from Vancouver to visit and babysit the Rowlettes’ two-year old Victoria.

“It’s excellent having Becky on board,” Kevin said. “We’re on opposite ends of the boat—she’s at the bow with Jon [Clayton of Caribbean Marine Surveyors], and she’s doing an exceptional job.” Kevin also praised the rest of the crew, some of whom sailed with Dave West on Jurakan, recent winner of both the Rolex and Heineken Regattas. “Jurakan really sharpened up their skills,” Kevin said. “We surprised ourselves a couple times how we were able to get around the other boats, how we could outmanoeuvre them. The boat felt really good.” The crew included Huw Pritchard Jones, Kevin Wrigley, Jon Clayton, George Lane, Becky and Kevin.


When I asked Kevin for highlights, he replied, “Our mast stayed up for the whole race,” referring to his woes during the Rolex when he lost his mast on the first day. “Seriously, the regatta was organized very well. The hospitality and facilities were excellent; the courses were run well. I hadn’t been to that part of Puerto Rico in twenty years, and a lot has changed.” He then chatted about the race itself: “The first day was light. There were four races. Then the second day had more breeze. We had to wait for a squall to go by, but we still got in four races. We won every race we were in. The next couple boats just needed a bigger headsail.” In addition to winning every race, Rushin’ Rowlette won their class, best overall and best overseas boat.

Sailing for Kevin is clearly something that’s in his blood. “It’s one of my greatest passions for sure. I was sailing long before I got into the work I’m into now. I grew up on the water. Both of our families are sailing families. Becky’s parents are both sailors.” Not to mention Becky’s sister, Emma Paull, sailing instructor and manager of the Royal British Virgin Island Yacht Club. I don’t have to wonder if it’ll pass on to young Victoria who has never lived anywhere but on a boat, the Rowlettes’ 96-foot tugboat Lakota. Speaking of the tugboat, Kevin took the opportunity to plug the company he and Becky run, “Oh yeah, I’d like to thank my sponsor Husky Salvage & Towing.” It’s all in the family.