24th August, 2009- 5:00PM Tropical Disturbance 35 is located northeast of the Lesser Antilles, helping to enhance shower and thunderstorm activity across the region. It is expected to move west-northwest for the next few days, nearing the Bahamas by Wednesday, and approach the Southeast U.S. coastline on Thursday, with a possible landfall in the Carolinas on Friday night.

Forecasters believe that there is a 40-50 % chance of this area developing into a tropical depression or tropical storm by Wednesday or Thursday, with the chances for hurricane development being about 10 – 15 percent.

Although the Disturbance is not forecasted to have any major affects in the Virgin Islands, there is a potential for heavy rainfall and gusty winds as the Disturbance continues on its present track.  Residents are advised to monitor weather conditions as a number of waves have moved off the African Coast.

For more information, please visit the DDM’s website at www.bviddm.com.