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Virgin Islands Property and Yacht

Virgin Islands Property & Yacht (VIPY) magazine is the region’s definitive showcase for eclectic island real estate, the exciting Caribbean yachting universe and luxurious island living. Reviews of the Virgin Islands’ most prestigious properties are entwined with cruising and lifestyle features on everything from eco-friendly initiatives to interesting public profiles.

Launched in 2002, we have founded a loyal and expanding readership among the affluent community, who have a passion for island living. They seek use of the Virgin Island’s great services and unique investment opportunities. Our magazine presents that access, resulting in a gratified consumer pool within our readership and clients repeatedly employing our advertising services.

Our publication provides clients with a direct link to their target audience. Our demographic ranges from people seeking purchase of real estate and yachts, to visitors, to commuting business persons; all are potential consumers and clients requiring professional services.


We have maintained our vision as an industry ambassador and our product has exceeded expectations with articles covering feature properties, yachts, private retreats, sailing provisioning tips, green and sustainable innovations, artist profiles, local marketplace analysis, culture and entertainment.

The specifically designated themes and strategically selected content in the magazine are tailored to the population in the Virgin Islands; a location where Real Estate and the Yachting industry are prosperous sectors in the marketplace. Utilizing visually stunning photography, engaging content and a well-crafted layout that amplifies visibility of each client’s display advertisement, clients will appreciate the diligent effort we devote to the most efficient placement of your advertisement, neighboring relevant content.


VI Property & Yacht is distributed for FREE at over 100 key locations in the Virgin Islands and beyond, including real estate agents, elite yacht clubs, popular charter companies, resorts, marinas, prominent restaurants, airports, ferry terminals and cruise ship piers.

Being one of the first full color print monthly publications in the BVI – with only one double issue for Dec/Jan – positions us as superior to other publications, allowing flexibility in advertisement image design and increased chance of advertisement reception due to more frequent issues than bimonthly or seasonal magazines in the Virgin Islands.

Our strategic distribution points ensure that our clients are placed in the hands of the consumers, important to their necessities. Our magazine graces the counters of high-end businesses, villas, yachts and ports of entry.



The Property Guide and it’s team of professionals have grown from a dream of two marketing geniuses several years ago who came to my office and asked if I thought the idea would succeed, to which I immediately pledged my full support by committing to purchase the cover for at least half a year. I have continued with this pledge and will continue for years to come, as it has been one of the greatest tools to our success for marketing real estate in the BVI.
Maritha Keil, BVI Sothebys International Realty

We consider the BVI Property and Yacht Guide a valuable publication as it provides a comprehensive overview of the BVI property market as well as the Yachting industry.
Sjoerd Koster, Head of Banking, VP Bank

The Virgin Islands Property & Yacht magazine is a must read – insightful contributions and beautiful imagery combine in an attractive, easy style, making for an enjoyable, and always informative read. It’s the perfect exposure for the business we’re in, and we’re pleased to be part of such an excellent publication.
Peter Jones, Yacht Sales, Voyage Charters

I find the Virgin Island Property and Yacht guide an excellent media tool that targets property buyers as well as property sellers very effectively. Our company has over a 100 properties in our inventory….and always growing!
Bonnie Dougall, Managing Partner, Dougall & Associates Real Estate

The BVI Property and Yacht Guide is an indispensable publication for anyone who is in the market for purchasing or selling Real Estate in the British Virgin Islands. The articles are concise, on point and provide an amazing amount of very practical information in a reader friendly format.
Chris Smith, Managing Broker, Coldwell Banker BVI Real Estate

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Online Presence

Advertorial Services

Well-crafted advertorial articles hold an important place within the broader advertising mix, which may also include print display ads, measurable online ads and electronic direct mail.

aLookingGlass’s professional creative team collaborate with you to produce advertorials that strategically place your business within a well-produced article, and engage the interest of our readers.

As part of a larger piece, the article will receive increased engagement both in print and online as more intricate articles attract higher traffic volumes, improving your business’ organic online search results. Advertorial themes are selected once annually to make certain you receive year-long exposure from the piece with potential additional online exposure via periodic updates and revisits of previous pieces.

Full-page Endorsements

You will find your product or business featured within an article, ranging in size from three to five pages, wherein an overarching theme will guide endorsement content. You would need to supply photography or if necessary, request a photo-shoot before the end-of-the-month deadline. You would also need to be available to supply detailed notes about the business/product and/or consent to an on-site visit of the business or access to the product in order to produce a well-researched endorsement.

Half-page Endorsements

The same terms and conditions apply as Full-page endorsement – you will be entitled to approximately half the content

Product Placement

This option allows you to promote a certain product—one that fits a prescribed theme—through a Virgin Islands Property & Yacht endorsement. The one- to two-page spread features other companies’ products under the same conditions.


All material must be supplied to the editor one month before the article is to go to print. Ex: December 31 for a February issue.

About Us

aLookingGlass – our team behind the creation of Virgin Islands Property and Yacht magazine – are a young, innovative team, continuously seeking opportunities to progress, enhance and expand our creative firm for the benefit of our clients. This is exemplified by our knack for sealing gaps in the market, like the conception of our publication and online product BVI Newbie (bvinewbie.com), which is able to provide the British Virgin Islands community with a vast source of information like, “Moving” to “Playing” in the Virgin Islands.

Writers, editors, graphic designers, photographers and marketing strategists comprise aLookingGlass, striving to create the best possible publication to increase publicity for our advertising clients.