Exclusive Feature Property : Nevaeh

Anguilla’s Collaboration of the finest BVI Construction Experts

Photography by Alexandre Julien

Behind every outstanding property is a story of time, energy and passion; the determination supporting a dream that manifests in reality. A home conceived out of fantasy requires the utmost attention to every detail from all parties involved in the planning, design, and construction of the final product.

     Nevaeh is located in Long Bay, Anguilla, an affluent residential community of deluxe tropical retreats in a luscious seaside setting.


     A team of the BVI’s finest construction experts were chosen to collaborate with their client to develop a house which would meet the owner’s wishes for a vacation home where multiple family generations could unite and spend quality time together in the tranquility of Anguilla.

     As a modern interpretation of a traditional Balinese home, Nevaeh boasts character and class, and was uniquely designed so that all the facilities and rooms on the ground level are completely accessible by wheelchair, including convenient access to the beach.

     With the project starting in 2010, construction beginning in 2012, and a five year process overall to complete, it was only by the unity of the companies working on the project that Nevaeh emerged as the stunning creation it is today.

     Initially, the phenomenal property was designed for the private use of the family, but now the owners have decided to share their beautiful property to accommodate other multigenerational families desiring time in what they believe to be the best island in the Caribbean.

     Those who choose to rent the villa will be catered to through a premier concierge service selected by the owners, who hold years of experience pertaining to the Anguilla property market.




Meet the finest of the BVI’s construction experts

The team of the Nevaeh have extensive experience with projects outside their home, the British Virgin Islands. Each company is recognised for their specific expertise as well as impressive portfolios working on high-end properties.



BCQS International

Ben Butler, a Director for BCQS International, was appointed to work on the project in 2010 by a recommendation to the owners from a client the company had previously worked for in Anguilla.

     The benefits of hiring property and development consultants like BCQS for a project this size is that they oversee the project from inception to completion and offer a single point of contact for the client, in addition to putting together a project budget.

     The focal challenge during the project was the typography of the land. Because the plot is long and narrow—located directly on the beach—the house had to be built in stages from the bottom up, which required special coordination from BCQS to ensure construction ran effectively.

     What Ben enjoyed about working on this project was that all parties were BVI based, which made coordination and communication simpler, allowing meetings to take place where discussions could happen around a table rather than through a chain of complicated emails. The team was chosen based on previous working relationships they had with BCQS, who knew of their ability and experience to work on similar Caribbean homes.

     “Providing project and cost management services for the construction of the Nevaeh villa in Anguilla was a great experience. Throughout the entire process, I was impressed by the high level of collaboration between the owner, the designers, and the construction team. The positive attitudes and work ethic resulted in a beautiful luxury villa that exceeded all expectations,” said Ben.



OBM International BVI

Marvin Flax, the Managing Director of OBM International, along with another three architects from his firm, worked in varied capacities on Nevaeh.

     Proceeding the initial meeting with the owners to understand their desired vision, OBMI produced concept sketches showing the scale and proportions of the layout, placement on the site in relation to the view, topography and airflow, and used Bali inspired elements to generate design ideas.

     Taking these sketches and 3d renderings referred to as ‘schematic design’ the architects kicked into direct communication with the others in the team to get the construction drawings started.

     OBMI has worked on a vast array of projects and so the process is unique with each client; they have to understand what the client is seeking and if they have a specific concept in mind.

     Marvin explains that OBMI’s role in Nevaeh was greatly assisted by the professional expertise of Gareth Orchard of ORB, an Anguilla-based contractor. He understood their design intent, successfully applied the Balinese concept per the drawings, and offered workable design solutions when necessary.

     “OBM International were the design architects for Nevaeh and are extremely proud of the end product. It’s professionally gratifying when your clients are happy and successfully using the space you took from early hand drawn sketches to completion. We enjoyed the process of working with the family along with the team to help achieve their dream home,” said Marvin.



Think Simple BVI

Rusty Henderson, the owner of Think Simple BVI, is honoured to have provided simple technological solutions for Nevaeh by offering the experience required to source and contract local professionals in Anguilla. The company installs technological systems using fibre optics including Wi-Fi, telephones, security systems, and entertainment systems.

     All of the 23 zones of audio sound systems were nestled within the property to remain inconspicuous, and Wi-Fi is available throughout the property, and even on the tennis courts.

     One of the exceptional features in Nevaeh is a private home theatre, as not many homes in the Caribbean contain them. The theatre recreates a VIP cinema experience with reclining leather seats and movies projected on a 120 inch high-definition Black Diamond screen with a cutting-edge surround sound system.

     Think Simple’s work needs to be considered by all parties involved during the initial design phases, as their systems must be implemented to work with the architecture, furniture, and other features. Rusty commented that he has a huge amount of comfort working with the others involved in the project, as “when you work with the same team, you can rest assured they will take this into consideration and coordinate together smoothly.

     “We are a group of experts within our specialist fields. One thing that unites us is a common appreciation for what it takes to deliver a result in these remote and challenging locations time after time,” added Rusty.



Poolworks BVI

Erick Oeseburg is the principal at Poolworks BVI and the lead designer of intricate swimming pools and spa systems featured in the most prestigious homes and resorts in the Caribbean.

     The state-of-the-art facility that Poolworks designed is both salt water and heated, with a ‘vanishing edge’ design, and house side perimeter overflow. Stunning hand-crafted aqua-blue glass-tiles by Light Streams Glass Tile were installed to create perfect reflections on the water, as Erick says, “While swimming pools are for leisure, the rest of the day they serve aesthetic purposes, creating ‘mirrors’ in the garden.” 

     A large spa accommodating 12 people featuring jets with remote-controlled settings, is accessible by a ‘wet ramp’ for wheelchairs. A hidden grotto behind a waterfall and a separate small pool area attached from the deck of the master bedroom are two unique features. There are two larger areas for swimming, including a formal pool for relaxation, and a deeper pool suitable for diving.

     “What we (the team) have developed in the BVI is a group of building professionals that constantly meets and mostly exceeds both local and international building standards. This team can work together rather loosely since their internal drive is to seek perfection. When coupled with a client who seeks absolute quality and exquisite execution, the result is a final product as remarkable as Nevaeh,” said Erick.



Arawak Interiors

Roy Keegan, the owner of Arawak Interiors, contributed his knowledge of Balinese architecture and culture to source the perfect custom structural elements unique to Nevaeh, including the wooden pergolas, courtyard posts, and intricate stone carvings featured throughout the property.

     Although Arawak Interiors is renowned within the BVI for their distinctive furniture, interior décor, and custom designs, Roy was selected to work on this project by OBMI specifically for his contacts in Asia, and ability to work with architectural structures and items.

     The stone carvings on the panels used in the walkways around the property, feature intricate patterns of leaves and palms which he presented along with many options to the owner’s during the building phases of the house.

     From 20 years’ experience working in and implementing from Bali and Indonesia, he was familiar with the culture and admired the craftsmanship. He was able to source the finest quality woods and stone for the structures in the villa on two specific trips.

     “Nevaeh was a great project to work on with the BVI team of building professionals. We all have our businesses based on Tortola and have worked together on various building projects around the Virgin Islands over the past few years. It was great to see the team mobilise further afield and work with each other to deliver another amazing villa, and breaking ground in Anguilla,” said Roy proudly.



The final touch by Interiors Joan and Associates

BVI’s construction experts completed Nevaeh with results exceeding the owners’ expectations.  Among these experts was Beth Settles, interior designer at Interiors Joan and Associates, based in Omaha, Nebraska, who contributed to the home’s design details and furnishings.

     Beth was selected to design and furnish the villa’s interior based on a previous working relationship of over 20 years with the owners, and so she had been brainstorming ideas for the interior since the initial design phases.

     The colour schemes were chosen by Beth and then presented to the owners who wished to create light ambiance with a Balinese theme. Beth selected paints with cream and neutral tones, and used turquoise, citron, and jade to match the property’s vistas of the tranquil blue sea.

     High-end furnishings of the finest quality were chosen to complement the exquisite architecture; most are constructed of native woods such as mahogany and teak, and capable of withstanding the sea salt atmosphere.

     One of the most exclusive pieces of furniture is the main dining table, made from organic wood displaying the intricate design of the inside of a tree in its ‘live edge’ form, meaning it was cut in its natural state and smoothed down, creating a unique shape. 

     “Being a part of this dream project has been a highlight of my design career. Working with the client and this special group of vendor partners made an already incredible opportunity even better,” said Beth.

The team’s future

All of the companies enjoyed the ease of working with each other and were proud of their final masterpiece.

Equally as impressed were Neveah’s owners, who found comfort in knowing that the project was being tended to by BVI experts selected by BCQS. They now have a permanent place to relish the magic of Anguilla, and a luxurious accommodation to share with others who come to experience the very best the island has to offer.

     There is no doubt that the team of the BVI’s finest construction experts will be selected to work on future luxury homes in prestigious locations throughout the Caribbean.

To enquire about how this team can work on your dream construction project, contact the companies and refer to Nevaeh.

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