When it comes to creating a space you love, many choose to work with an interior designer, but with Debi Carson, you get far more than paint chips and pillows. Her design work spans more than two decades, and with 15 of those years in the Caribbean, her unique experience brings an invaluable set of skills to any project.

With an artful eye for details and impressive sourcing connections around the United States and the Caribbean, Debi’s designs turn wishful thinking into inspirational reality.

Among the Caribbean’s most prominent interior designers, she holds a certificate from the National Council for Interior Design Qualification and her sustainable design solutions are why she heads one of the region’s most versatile full-service design firms.

With endeavours including residential, commercial, major developments such as Nanny Cay and Brandywine, as well as high-profile hospitality projects like Peter Island Resort and Spa, Debi’s diverse capabilities know no bounds.

Designing and furnishing a home or business in the Caribbean requires special considerations, and Carson’s experience sets the stage for success in both interior and exterior projects. Environmental concerns such as salt and corrosion, humidity and climate fluctuations, damage caused by the sun as well as power and water limitations, are just a few of the many complexities in creating a Caribbean dream home or business.

Carson’s portfolio includes a vast range of projects that encompass all of these environmental concerns, as well as taking into account the unique nature of doing business in the region.

For a few ways to show your home some love this year, Debi’s latest travels have produced some fantastic partnerships in order to bring new luxury to the BVI.

Rocky Mountain Hardware – Handcrafted Details for the Entire Home

On a recent visit to the Sun Valley region of Idaho, USA, Debi visited the Rocky Mountain Hardware foundry and was able to get an exclusive glimpse into how their superior products are made.

Foundry owners Mark and Patsy Nickum had multiple requests in their showroom for high-end, custom hardware that wasn’t available in the 80s and 90s. They took those requests and created Rocky Mountain Hardware, filling the desire for quality hardware that wasn’t available from mass-market manufacturers.

“The most impressive part of my visit to the foundry was observing the fabrication process. The metal is melted into liquid form and moulded utilising sand-cast and porcelain-cast methods. These legacy methods have been slightly automated with implementation of a robot arm for the dipping process, some machinery, and conveyor belts that move the product along the line, but otherwise fabrication remains very hands-on. To see how many people actually touch one piece as it is created truly shows the quality control and value in the product,” said Carson.

For more than three decades, Rocky Mountain Hardware has created these elegant and high-quality products. The highly-customisable hardware has an array of beautiful finishes, including traditional silicon bronze and a white bronze that pairs well with stainless and other cool metal elements. The Rocky Mountain hardware character has been proven as a long-lasting product in the Caribbean.

“I appreciate that their product ranges from very traditional to more modern, and I highly recommend everything from door hinges and levers to plumbing faucets and sinks. BVI customers will love the way that the beautiful bronze wears in our elements and the stunning patina that appears over time,” said Carson.

Ludowici Tiles – A Beautiful and Sustainable Solution

For more than 400 years, the Ludowici family has been expertly crafting clay roof tiles, becoming a worldwide industry leader. During a visit to the Ludowici design centre in summer of 2016, Carson observed first-hand the clay tiles being kiln-fired in a process that has been perfected over centuries.

The customisation options are limitless and offer customers a full range of beautiful tiles to perfectly suit their style and home needs. The expansive line of tiles offers more than 50 colours and textures, meaning every project is crafted to meet the exact vision of the designer and brings home personalisation to a new level. Tiles can also be custom-matched to any hue and the glazes fuse colour into the tile as they are fired, ensuring original tones are retained and customers get the look and feel they want, every time.

“People love Ludowici tiles for their beautiful design, endless customisation options and long-lasting durability. With a 100-year product warranty, a Ludowici roof will last for generations,” said Carson. “I appreciate the unique applications that the tiles have, such as interior or exterior cladding and accent features offering a unique, elegant look for my clients.”

Caoba Doors – Bringing Island Beauty Indoors

A beautiful door can set the stage for a truly elegant experience inside the home. For anyone who has visited the exquisite properties in Oil Nut Bay on Virgin Gorda, they have seen and walked through the stunning Caoba Doors. These doors are not only beautiful providing an amazing entry into any space, but the Caoba commitment to sustainability jives well with an island way of life.

“I value the open-concept designs that Caoba products offer my clients. Island living is about being outdoors, and their wall systems and window walls create a seamless transition from indoors to out,” said Carson.

Caoba Doors, Windows, and Millwork is a family-owned company that has produced high-quality and elegant doors and windows for upscale homes and businesses for more than 30 years. Their work creates a flawless look when doors and windows coordinate with matching trims, railings, sidings, and flooring.

“As a designer, I treasure the quality of the wood and finishes; real Honduran Mahogany and Spanish Cedar are their standard, but Caoba also works with many other wood species. There are unlimited options for custom finishes and textures, rendering an end result that is truly unique and luxurious,” said Carson.

Debi and her team can help make your island home or business everything you’ve dreamed of. Debi’s selection of sourcing options, design expertise, and custom product creation services offer all you need in one top-notch firm. From choosing a sustainable and beautiful roofing tile to turning your master bath into a spa-like sanctuary, you’ll fall in love with what Debi dreams up and the beautiful result.

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Debi Carson NCIDQ

Interior Designer + Fine Artist

Box 3252 Road Town, Tortola


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