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In Part 2 of our series, we delved deeper into the mind of entrepreneur Christina Yates of Leverick Bay Resort and her contribution to making the North Sound the billionaire yacht playground we see today, which included the construction of Leverick’s well-designed villas.

We now conclude with parts 3 and 4, reviewing both the present and future of Yates Associates’ architectural achievement Leverick and the construction company itself.

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Today, Leverick Bay—a showcase of Yates Associates Construction Company—is best known for its tasty food, the Friday night Jumbies barbecue with the sky dancers’ show, musical performance by Elvis White. and of course, Michael Beans’ famous pirate show. The latter function is a staple point in BVI residents’ and visitors’ minds, attracting countless return guests so enthusiastic, they dress in their own pirate costumes.

Multitudes of boaters find everything they relish in Leverick, receiving the staff as family whom emit a warm, hospitable approach.

Catering to avid watersports fans, there are quiet jet skis and hoverboards, power boat rentals, and a full-time diving provision with Dive BVI.

The retreat also hosts several phenomenally popular events. Many worldwide are fans of the internationally renowned Poker Run, held annually on Memorial Day Weekend, which brings hundreds of people to exhibit their beautiful speedboats and raise money for charity. Another hosted event is VISAR’s yearly Swim the Sound. This is a fundraising occasion, which provides participants a choice of swimming or paddle-boarding across the Sound from Saba Rock to Leverick Bay.

The widespread attraction of the resort and marina saw that by the turn of 2000, every single Leverick home site developed by Yates Associates disappeared off the market.

“All the homes designed and built by Leonard and Yates Construction Company and later by Yates Associates after Mr. Leonard’s passing, were sold,” said Yates Associates Principal Shareholder Chris. Further to Leverick’s increasing popularity, the property had to expand to cater to the growing demand.

“The dock was rebuilt and extended to accommodate mega yachts in 2006 to 2008 and extended again in 2013 to allow Arawak to have a retail store and extend the water sports facility,” added Chris.

Arguably, Leverick’s attraction is found in its uniqueness from the other North Sound Resorts. Not only does it boast stellar customer service and great cuisine, but it’s also conveniently situated, providing its guests with more freedom to explore Virgin Gorda.

“Leverick is connected to the island road system,” explained Chris. “Visitors can rent a car or hire a taxi to tour the rest of VG while their boat is in a safe anchorage. It also has a full-service grocery store to cater to boats, villa owners and renters, and residents.”

To add to its diverse and alluring image, Leverick has the reputation of never closing. “While all the other resorts close for a couple of months in the slow season, we stay open to provide a service to the staff from the other resorts, and any homeowner or boating visitor,” relayed Chris. “Many people come to the $10 pizza nights we feature with a DJ as a weekly off-season party night.”

With the success of Leverick owing to its clever construction and location, Yates Associates continues its achievements with current and new projects in the prosperous North Sound arena.

“Yates Associates is very busy dealing with work on the outer islands of Moskito and Eustatia,” said Chris. “In 2011, the company completed the main resort Beach Club at Oil Nut Bay with its pools and restaurant. In 2013, it completed the new Tennis Pavilion and built the new Great House on Necker Island for Sir Richard Branson following the fire of 2011, which destroyed the original house.”

Yates Associates’ service goes beyond business into trusted, long-term friendships, with clients showing their recognition of the company’s proficiency by constantly employing them.

“In addition to the new works on Moskito Island, Yates Associates is also involved in updates to several of the villas they built 20 – 30 years ago for the original owners, who want to modernise,” said Chris.

The future is looking bright for Yates, with the company’s pride and joy—Leverick Bay—expanding even further.

“We have Government planning approval to reclaim a quarter acre of seabed in front of the Jumbies Beach Bar,” said Chris. “The fill material for the reclamation will be crushed recycled glass as part of the resort’s green initiative. It is proposed to build a new bar/dining area on this reclaimed area, plus a glass blowing studio to give demonstrations to the public and make local souvenirs. The studio will run on used cooking oil from the local resorts and restaurants. Additionally, methane gas from treated waste will also be used as fuel.”

Adding to this, a second dock will be built parallel to the existing one to accommodate more boaters. There will also be more accommodation units comprising one to three-bedroom residences. This will be a closing achievement of plans that span back to 1979.

“In Easter time in 1979, the BVI Government were working in Gun Creek with the Public Works bulldozer,” said Chris, recalling a situation that was the initiation of today’s development. “Sam, knowing it was a four-day holiday, went up the hill, ‘borrowed’ the bulldozer, drove it to Leverick, and cut the hillside to build these planned units. He refuelled it and put it back before it was missed on the Tuesday. Life was easier in those days. Now 37 years later, the cuts have been cleaned up and will be developed. The units that are planned will use a lot of natural landscape, blending into the environment.”

It’s clear that Leverick—a principle showcase of Yates Associates’ proficiency—has even further greatness to exhibit. The resort is a powerful example of what a skilled construction company can accomplish when flowing as smoothly as the North Sound waters. Astute prophecy can envisage that the foundations of this legend will continue to produce attractive residential and holidaying options.