How do these items inspire your design solutions?

Texture: Mix it up!

From the vegetation, bamboo ladder, rich rustic wood tones, metal accents in the art and accessories, to the woven baskets and textiles, it’s important to have a mixture of texture in a space to create interest and comfort.

Colour: Weave it through in dashes and splashes!

Our dominant palette is formed with the use of secondary colours that are near complementary – green and orange. Use of colours conceive a flow for your eye and styles the mood.  At Paint Factory, Pratt & Lambert colours Lime Sherbet, Wild Lime, and Nectarine Juice make a lively green and orange solution.

Theme: Everything green and earthy!

Highlighting the farm-to-table, we bring vegetation into your space with herbs to use at hand, house plants, and the cut flowers reference a fresh and lively space.

Clockwise from top left:

Bamboo ladder $115, Tunisia Foutas in lime green $42.95 all from Arawak Interiors, Basil plants $3 each from Groundworks BVI, Nutri Bullet $135.19, Orange polka dot gardening gloves $1.99 all from Clarence Thomas Ltd, Glass mason jar $22.95, Lime green grass table runner $22.95, Orange/yellow/blue grass table runner $32.95, Seagrass natural basket $59.95, Metal/iron painting $145, Yellow storage jars small $15.95, large $19.95, all from Arawak Interiors, The Fresh Girl’s Guide to Easy Canning & Preserving Cookbook $21.59 from Clarence Thomas Ltd, The Vegetarian Flavour Bible cookbook $42 from House, Rustic teak wood 3-drawer console table $850, Lime green single waterproof bean bag $275, Bright orange cushion $28.95, Tunisie Kikoy blanket $69.95, Seagrass laundry basket $49.95, Orange & White Laguna recycled plastic mat $60, all from Arawak Interiors, Rubber gardening boots $19.99 from Clarence Thomas Ltd, Galvanised watering can $29.95, Marigolds small $3, large $6.50, Small gardening fork $4.50, all from Fort Garden Centre, Small gardening trowel $3.69 from Clarence Thomas Ltd, Tall green bucket $12, Large green bucket $22 all from House, Radishes $15 from Groundworks BVI, Large galvanised pale $22.19 from Clarence Thomas Ltd, Avocado plant $35 from Groundworks BVI, Double Kasuku bed spread in blue $63.95 from Arawak Interiors.

Photography by Rainbow Visions BVI