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Why the Rockefeller Vision is the BVI’s Most Attractive Resort

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A good resort receives repeat business by accomplishing three features brilliantly with the sole purpose of creating escapism – a task synonymous with promoting the relaxation of mind and body.

In achieving the three key allures intrinsic to resort advertisement, success will be relished; however, a memorable retreat is obliged to exceed the standards set by a successful tropical haven and deliver enigmatic wonder, creating loyal patronage repeatedly returning for years.

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Tennis at LDB

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Of course in advocating the three features where a resort must meet perfection, we are discussing accommodations, cuisine, and ‘vacation indulgences,’ (often referred to as wellness activities).  So why has Virgin Gorda’s Rosewood Little Dix Bay emerged as the iconic epitome of the BVI, coveted by vacationers seeking Caribbean paradise?

It begins with the Rockefeller vision – a concept that parallels the tranquillity that all people desire…


Accommodations and Rosewood Little Dix Bay’s loyal patronage

Laurance Rockefeller—the famous American philanthropist—was the founder and visionary of the picturesque dream location witnessed on Virgin Gorda. His concept of the idyllic destination constituted flawless accommodation, great fare, and added luxuries – like fishing, sailing, or snorkelling. Consequently, the resort has flourished with monumental moments like Her Majesty, The Queen’s visit.

With a rich history, January 18, 2014 marked the 50-year milestone of operation for the property, instilling a tradition among many families who have been venturing there since the resort opened.

Little Dix Bay Beach

The luxury of being situated on the 8.5 square mile island of Virgin Gorda—retaining its original geographic and cultural authenticity—affords the resort seclusion, that’s disappeared with other commercialised Caribbean destinations overrun with development.

The stunning natural setting is an intricate part of the accommodation, evidenced in its positon on the prestigious 2014 ‘World’s Best Caribbean Island’ Travel and Leisure list.

Beach Grill

Beach House Living Room

Natural beauty of the resort is maintained and the accommodations are cleverly camouflaged within the lush landscape of the resort. Despite having 100 rooms, suites, beach houses and villas, almost all accommodations are concealed from the beach and bay.

As the country’s second largest employer, over 325 staff work to exceed guest expectations, with some associates holding tenure for almost as long as the resort has been open. Resort associates have developed a culture of personalised service for the guest that has consistently returned for 25 years or more, as well as the guest visiting the resort for the first time.

Ocean View Room

One Bedroom Suite

With this level of professional diversity, the resort also welcomes BVI residents with special rates available during the summer and summer shoulder season.

Culinary expertise and diversity

Talking to Food and Beverage Director, Fabio Petrone, he explained the efforts behind the culinary expertise at the resort: “We work with Virgin Gorda vendors and farmers from nearby Caribbean islands to source things like tomatoes, cucumbers, [and] Virgin Gorda pumpkin,” he said. “We also source things like coconuts, mangoes, and lemongrass from resort grounds.”

History and local culture inspire the menus, while maintaining approachable flavours and dishes for the various guests that visit the resort.

Chef's 5

With three unique open air dining experiences—the Pavilion, the Sugar Mill, and the Beach Grill—at the resort, guests have variety in the incredible scenic views while enjoying their meals.

“Many of our guests enjoy a casual Tapas and Sangria small-plates dinner at the Beach Grill,” said Fabio, referring to the popular eatery situated dockside. “The menu includes, guava-vanilla barbecue meatballs, Virgin Gorda conch fritters, Focaccia breads, and of course the requisite house-made Sangria.”

Another option is the iconic Pavilion that can be seen from a distance with its four peak roof originally designed to symbolise the peaks of Virgin Gorda. This open air restaurant offers ocean views and serves an international menu highlighted by Caribbean flavours.

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The alterative choice is the intimate Sugar Mill restaurant beachfront fine dining experience. “[Distinctive]…are the panoramic floorplans, offering perfect views of the bay from every seat,” said the food and beverage director. “[We serve] dishes like Virgin Gorda Watermelon with feta and olive tapenade, or a local catch of Snapper or Mahi, dressed with a light essence of herbs.”

Wellness – vacation indulgences available to all

Wellness is a broad term, but Rosewood Little Dix covers all bases of its meaning via a myriad of activities available. There are watersports, healthy land activity, and a comprehensive assortment of spa treatments completing any vacation experience.

Spa Treatments

For the ocean explorer, there is a natural coral reef at the mouth of the bay. The reef serves to calm the ocean current and offers a haven for undersea wildlife including sea turtles, various brightly coloured reef fish, a local barracuda named Chester, some smaller reef sharks, and the beauty of the coral reef itself.

For land based activity, the resort features FranklyFitness Wellness programming. The New York based lifestyle company, offers a holistic approach to living well, presenting everything from classic strength and conditioning training, to yoga, meditation, and nutrition/lifestyle consultation.

Beach Drop

For the relaxed  pace of Caribbean life, new spa director, Menique De La Rosa, who is also the regional director for Sense Spas in the Caribbean, New York City, and Dallas, is re-launching Sense Spa at Rosewood Little Dix Bay, highlighting the unique offerings inspired by the local environment.

“We are developing a ‘spa pantry,’ which features freshly prepared treatment creams, wraps, and masks, that are derived from natural ingredients harvested from resort grounds,” said Menique supporting the overall ethos of having the natural environment play a physical and visual part in the services.

With such a divine experience at great value, Rosewood welcomes visitors and BVI residents alike to experience the magic the resort has to offer.

Rosewood Little Dix Special Offer

Visitors booking any 90 minute treatment at Sense Spa, will receive a bonus 15 minute cleansing and nourishing scalp and hair treatment, featuring natural neem leaf and coconut oil.

This special bonus treatment is custom tailored to highlight the rich resources of Virgin Gorda that Sense Spa responsibly harvests and prepares in the spa’s fresh Spa Pantry.

The offer applies for spa reservations from June 01, 2015 to September 30, 2015.

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