It’s no surprise that over the course of my career I’ve been asked many times, “why should I hire an architect?” After all, a draftsman can complete the construction documents more easily. My response is always the same: you don’t realize the benefits of hiring a trained, licensed architect until you realize you should have hired one if the first place. Hoping that I can save some people from realizing this too late in the process, these are just a few of the reasons an architect’s expertise should be enlisted as you build or rebuild your home.

Understanding Clients is a Critical Art form

Whether you are looking for tradition or innovation, boldness or understatement, an architect can lift your project out of the ordinary. Although many people will offer to alter your building, it takes an architect to maximize its potential and to do it with flair, imagination, and style. Therefore, an architect’s interpretation of a client’s brief is pivotal. Many people don’t know what they want until they see something. This communication between the architect and client is critical not only in building an atmosphere of understanding and trust, but helps clients understand what their needs for their home really include.

There’s a common misconception that architects press a few buttons and the design comes out of a computer. But in fact, clients are paying for our ideas and creativity. Think of a house as a big puzzle; each puzzle piece presents a component that doesn’t fit or function well individually, but collectively, they do. This is the art and science that we bring to the process.

Construction is Difficult (and Potentially Costly!)

Construction costs in the Caribbean are high, due largely to labor challenges and expensive materials. While using an architect may seem like an additional outlay, investing in quality design can add significant value to your home and your quality of life, while saving money on inefficient use of space, selection of quality materials and maintenance further down the road.

Environmental sensitivity, energy efficiency, and low maintenance costs can bring extra benefits to your project, along with long-term savings!  Typically, when OBMI clients finish their homes, they find they’ve actually saved money by using our services.

Architects can also guide you through complex procedures of planning permissions and building regulations and monitor the builders’ work through to completion. It’s shortsighted to think you don’t need an architect. The point is to get the right architect. It’s about experience; it’s about the architect being able to show what they’ve done before and being open to suggestions and ideas.

A Seamless Project is Beautiful

It’s great when a client allows us take care of the whole package, including interior design and landscaping. Not only do they have a piece of mind throughout the process but in the end, they have a project that is beautifully cohesive.

Our clients always get far more than they paid for. Because we at OBMI love what we do, we always go above and beyond. Architecture is a constant challenge and hard work, but very satisfying. Hiring an architect not only makes the whole project flow more smoothly but allows your personal style and lifestyle to be reflected in a home you will love.