Peter Adam Crook wasn’t always the skilled freelance photographer, whose striking work is exhibited here.

Inspired by the aesthetically-pleasing symmetry within nature, his passion for the art sparked out of unusual circumstances.


Born in Tortola, he spent the first nine years of his life living on our islands until his family relocated to Wisconsin, US where he fell in love with snow. Prior to this, he’d only ever seen the cold weather condition that’s so alien to the Caribbean once.

“I picked up skiing after my family and I went for a lesson and following the first time, I was hooked,” said Adam in reference to the sport he’s renowned for in the BVI.

Moving to Colorado, US to pursue free skiing when he began high school, he met people that shaped his path toward a seven-year career in professional, international Halfpipe Skiing events.[/one_half_last]

In 2011, Halfpipe Skiing became an official sport for the 2014 Winter Olympics; debuting in Sochi, Russia, Adam represented the BVI, but before this exciting feat, his enjoyment of photography was planted during a time of injury in 2010.

“It was at this time that my interest in videography sparked,” said Adam. “Years later, I began to focus more on photography. It’s the simplicity of seeing something interesting, freezing that moment in time, and being able to share it with others that’s captured my passion for it. I hardly ever leave home without my camera.”

Adam is hopeful that his photography will inspire people to appreciate the simple things in life, and enjoy the natural beauty of the world.