Cane Garden Bay – Voted Best BVI Neighborhood to Live – Photo by M. Jennings

2014/2015 – Guide to the BVI’s BEST 32 Places, Services, and People

The 4th Annual Virgin Islands Property and Yacht Readers’ Choice Awards – Results!

After counts, recounts and ‘screening’ with the great tech we possess today, we are happy to release the results of the VIPY RC Awards.

VIPY RC changed slightly in formation for its fourth year. Using social media profiles for voting access and with the new addition of NOMINATIONS at the beginning of summer, the vote allowed for an enhanced list of best BVI places, people and services than ever before.

There are new entrees, new winners, and ties that all deserve recognition.

In releasing the winning parties this time, we are providing you with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Alongside these results, you will be able to see how close or far the competition was with our presentation of the percentage of the vote that each participant acquired – if it so happened that there was a 1% margin between winner and 2nd place, we will be giving that business/individual a Readers’ Recommended Award as a show of appreciation.

Enjoy and share this list with friends who are thinking of visiting or living in the BVI!

[box]This is a great reference point for anyone seeking a quick, comprehensive guide to the best services and places to visit in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). This information is offered in relation to BVI property, BVI sailing and island lifestyle – all voted by the people who know best about the BVI – YOU.[/box]

1) Best British Virgin Island


1st Tortola 29%

2nd Virgin Gorda 24%
3rd Jost Van Dyke 21%

Last year, we saw a tie between VG and Jost for this category. Although it was close again, it would appear that the ‘City Centre’ as it were or central hub of the BVI has proven the most popular.

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2) Best BVI Neighbourhood to Live


1st Cane Garden Bay, Tortola 24%

2nd Nanny Cay, Tortola 10%
3rd Little Apple Bay, Tortola 9%

It’s not hard to see why Cane Garden Bay is the Best BVI Neighbourhood to Live in. It’s not only a beautiful location with incredible sunsets, it’s also a fantastic social setting. If you are a resident in the BVI and you stroll down for a few cold ones, you are bound to bump into a friend and if not, make some new ones. This is the fourth year running that Cane has won this particular category.

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3) Best BVI Sunset Lookout Establishment


1st Heritage Inn & BananaKeet Cafe 46%

2nd White Bay Villas & Sea Side Cottages 13%
3rd Myett’s 11%

We don’t think anyone will be able to surpass BananaKeet at their rate. A consistent winner here, the establishment’s incredible sunset lookout is talked about constantly, celebrated in social media, and remains a landslide winner.

Come see the best view on the islands

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4) Best BVI Historical Hotspot


1st The Wreck of the RMS Rhone 22%

2nd The William Thornton (Willy T) 17%
3rd The Callwood Rum Distillery 14%

The Old Government House Museum has won this consistently for three years but did not make an appearance in the top three this time. The dazzling, majestic sight of The Wreck of the RMS Rhone when snorkelling or diving has proven hypnotic over our readers.

Visit this National Park and more…

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5) Best BVI Vacation Rental


1st White Bay Villas & Seaside Cottages 36%

2nd Baraka Point 13%
3rd Golden Pavilion 12%

For the second year, White Bay’s brilliant beach villas—providing access to Jost Van Dyke’s most popular social hotspot—highlighted one of the greatest areas to vacation in the BVI.

Enjoy a stay at one of the BVI’s most coveted locations

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6) Best BVI Resort/Hotel


1st Peter Island Resort & Spa 19%

2nd Necker Island 15%
3rd Cooper Island 13%

Best BVI Resort has changed from year to year and the fact is, it is a challenging choice. All three top voted resorts here are incredible. This year, Peter Island Resort & Spa stole the crown from VG’s Rosewood Little Dix Bay.

Explore the beauty and tranquility of the BVI’s outer islands

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7) Best BVI Architectural Firm


1st Roger Downing & Partner 35%

2nd OBMI 34%
3rd Michael Helm Architects 15%

The vote between these factions is always extremely close with OBMI and RDP battling like Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago. Both firms are responsible for much of the beautiful architecture seen around, so it is accurate that they are positioned here. All the way to conclusion, it was neck and neck until voting stopped.

Review some of their incredible projects

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8) Best BVI Real Estate Agency


1st BVI Sotheby’s International Realty 26%

2nd Property BVI 23%
3rd Coldwell Banker 16%

Another close vote that changes annually, but BVI Sotheby’s International Realty, who offer a holistic management strategy over properties for sale and vacation rentals, grabbed the win from Smiths Gore who won last year. Property BVI has come very close twice now and won back in 2012.

Take a look at their huge list of properties

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9) Best BVI Spa


1st Sole Day Spa 31%

2nd Peter Island Resort & Spa 28%
3rd Rosewood Little Dix 10%

With Peter Island’s international fame and phenomenal ambiance, it is hugely impressive that Sole Day Spa took the win, but with their impeccable level of service and great popularity, it is no surprise.

Come and enjoy one of the most luxurious spa experiences in the BVI

Sole Spa Main Ad

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10) Best BVI Landscape Establishment

photo 2

1st Groundworks BVI 43%

2nd Minines 28%
3rd Tropical Landscapes 24%

Consistent winner Minines saw upheaval this year with Groundworks BVI laying a new flowerbed.

Be inspired by their beautiful landscapes

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11) Best BVI Pool


1st Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina 26%

2nd Tamarind Club 25%
3rd Nanny Cay 15%

Always a competitive vote between Scrub and Tamarind in this category – both pools NEED to be visited if you visit or live here.

A delightful discovery that provides unforgettable adventure

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12) Best BVI Marina


1st Nanny Cay Marina 48%

2nd Bitter End Yacht Club 16%
3rd Soper’s Hole Marina 15%

We said it before and we’ll say it again – Nanny Cay is anchored here. Fourth year winner! It’s simply because it is a fully equipped marina with all extra amenities and amicable staff.

After so many years, this marina continues to increase its popularity

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13) Best BVI Beach Establishment


1st Soggy Dollar Bar 38%

2nd Cooper Island Beach Club 16%
3rd Cocomaya 12%

Soggy Dollar Bar as well as its location on the social stretch of White Bay are a dual combination of unrivalled success – globally famous for the Painkiller as the drink of choice.

A hedonist’s paradise

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14) Best BVI Sailor


1st Piers Helm 24%

2nd Chris Brockbank 22% + Alec Anderson 22%
3rd Rayne Duff 14%

Popular and charismatic skipper Piers Helm stole the gold this year, followed closely by 2016 Olympic hopefuls Alec Anderson and Chris Brockbank. 12 year-old Rayne Duff has built his status over the years and is steadily mounting sponsorship toward worldwide opti-sailing competition.

Meet Piers

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15) Best BVI Watersports Establishment


1st Blue Water Divers 37%

2nd Bitter End Yacht Club 29%
3rd Island Surf N Sail 19%

What is the winning factor in Blue Water Divers consistent success? We suspect it to be the good-natured staff, who you are likely to make friends with after using their services.

Come dive the fabulous blue water

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16) Best BVI Regatta


1st BVI Spring Regatta 59%

2nd Dark N Stormy 14%
3rd Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta 7% + Bitter End Pro Am Regatta 7%

People from as far in the world as China and Australia book for the BVI Spring Regatta – sometimes a year or two in advance! The combination of great sailing, excellent location, and festival frivolity see its increasing audience.

The best race in the BVI – visit this sailing Mecca to see why

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17) Best BVI Sailing School


1st Rob Swain Sailing School 34%

2nd Tortola Sailing School 17%
3rd RBVIYC 13% + Offshore Sailing School 13%

Standing at Nanny Cay, Rob Swain Sailing School has a reputation that is far reaching and dominates this category every year.

Learn to sail with the best

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18) Best BVI Dive Shop


1st Blue Water Divers 53%

2nd Dive BVI 17%
3rd JVD Scuba 8%

Winning two categories this year and in this area, a landslide for the fourth time running, it will be seriously challenging for any other dive shop to surpass them in the future.

Come dive the fabulous blue water

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19) Best BVI Yacht Brokerage


1st BVI Yacht Sales 36%

2nd The Moorings 20%
3rd Horizon Yacht Management 15%

BVI Yacht Sales have a fiercely respectable reputation and uphold it every year. With yacht brokerage being a significant part of the economic infrastructure of the BVI, while also being the region’s global selling point, this is a powerful win.

Buy your ocean pride and joy

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20) Best BVI Day Sail


1st Voyage Mystique 22%

2nd Rebel Yell 19%
3rd White Squall II 16%

Another close vote with Rebel Yell’s great rates and Funday Sunday parties, but Voyage Mystique are the dominant party-boat force.

Day sailing has never been more fun

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21) Best BVI Charter Company


1st The Moorings 23%

2nd Voyage Charters 16%
3rd BVI Yacht Charters 14% Horizon Yacht Charters 14%

The Moorings have been operating the charter circuit since 1969 and they remain the power-player in this industry. Their BVI headquarters has all the pleasantries charter guests could ask for so even when they are on land, the luxury continues.

Charter with The Moorings NOW

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22) Best BVI Provisioning Store


1st RiteWay Food Markets 40%

2nd Bobby’s 13%
3rd TICO 9%

With seven locations around Tortola alone and their huge superstore in the centre of Road Town, RiteWay (RTW) is the consistent gold star of the provisioning world.

Still reigning no.1 for provisioning

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23) Best BVI Restaurant


1st Brandywine Estate Restaurant 24%

2nd The Dove 16%
3rd Corsairs Beach Bar & Restaurant (Jost Van Dyke) 7%

It has happened. The Dove—which has won so many magazine and online awards—has been knocked off its perch. Everyone’s been talking about the stellar management of Brandywine and this win is a reflection of their homely hospitality and great food.

Constantly proclaimed as one of the most hospitable restaurants in the BVI

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24) Best BVI Home and Accessories/Interiors Retailer


1st Arawak Interiors 35%

2nd House 26%
3rd Nutmeg Designs 13%

House, who are renowned as the Best BVI Home Accessories retailer fell to second position this year with Arawak Interiors taking back the trophy.

An innovative store serving in furniture, gifts and clothing

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25) Best BVI Full Moon Party


1st Bomba Shack 42%

2nd Trellis Bay 41%
3rd Paradise Club 9%

Bomba Shack and Trellis Bay are always so close it’s crazy. This time, Bomba’s insane party—where the booze are ferocious and a huge North American following has been created—won this segment.

Join the party

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26) Best BVI Live Music Venue


1st Quito’s Gazebo 24%

2nd Foxy’s 18%
3rd Myett’s 11% + Last Resort 11%

Quito’s Gazebo on Cane Garden Bay beach is famous because of the artistic genius of the musician himself (Quito). It is no wonder he won Best BVI Artist again as well.

A fantastic venue to end the evening

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27) Best BVI Artist (Including photographers and musicians)


1st Quito Rymer 18%

2nd Aragorn Dick-Reed 14%
3rd Al Broderick 12%

If it is unknown, the BVI legend Quito Rymer is not only a musician. He is also a fantastic painter. Visiting his establishment in Cane Garden Bay is an inspiring adventure that all tourists and residents should enjoy.

Meet Quito himself at his gazebo

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28) Best BVI Late-Night Hotspot


1st Willy T 21%

2nd Foxy’s 15%
3rd Captain Mulligans 11%

Willy T is perhaps one of the most renowned and unique party hotspots in the Caribbean. This little excursion of a night out took the biscuits from longstanding winner Le Cabernet (formerly Le Grand Café)

This famous establishment needs no introduction

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29) Best BVI Car Rental


1st Big Sexy Car Rentals 26%

2nd Dede’s Car Rental (Deadman) 22%
3rd International Motors 14% + Jerry’s Car Rental 14%

There was a new and very popular entry this year in Big Sexy Car Rentals. We suppose they must be living up to their name.

Visit the latest Car Rental company on the scene

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30) Best BVI Bartender


1st Mickey Penn (Soggy Dollar) 33%

2nd Henry Cann (The Dove) 17% + Christian MacDonald (Origin) 17%
3rd Quincy Woolford (Captain Muligans) 11%

If you’ve been to Soggy Dollar and seen this guy…he’s incredible and always has a smile on his face, even in the face of 30 party goers, surrounding his bar, crying out for their Painkillers.

The amazing bartender to a hedonist’s paradise

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31) Best Airline Flying into the BVI


1st Cape Air 46%

2nd SeaBourne Airlines 14%
3rd Antilles Helicopters Services 10%

Winning again without competition was Cape Air. Customers report their reliability and professionalism constantly.

Fly into the BVI with the best

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32) Best BVI Activity (Non-Sailing, Non-Diving)


1st Antilles Helicopter Services 30%

2nd Claire Robey Yoga 16% + Dolphin Discovery 16%
3rd Original Virgin Canopy Tour – Zip Lining 14%

This was a new category as we felt there was nothing representing some of the activities available on island. Antilles has rocketed to fame since their take off. We would be surprised if you haven’t already seen them flying overhead – the tour is like nothing else. If you’ve done a sea charter, try an air charter.

Try this novel experience