A huge part of a vacation yacht charter is the luxury of all the holiday amenities right there aboard the vessel – food, cocktails, ease of travel, and extravagant accommodation.

Often the indulgences on these yachts involve excessive consumption of delicious Caribbean cuisine, and guzzling innovative and tasty cocktails. This can leave one a little bloated and in aftermath of their amazing Caribbean holiday, complaining that they have to lose a few pounds.

While enjoying vacation, we suggest trying those things you wouldn’t usually do like the spectacular watersports that are fun, healthy, and may even have you lose weight while on vacation so you return with a sun tan and an even BETTER BODY.

Here are our 8 favourite watersports we think you should give a bash on your next charter yacht vacation – if not for exercise then for sheer fun

  1. ‘Supping’ (Stand Up Paddle)

    The ‘up and coming’ sport taking the world by storm!



    Why do it?

    • Supping is one of the most popular Caribbean watersports at the moment (– Stand Up Paddle). With one of the fastest growing followings, it’s a very sociable topic!
    • Good way to introduce yourself to the world of watersports and marine life. It can be as calm or as competitive as you would like
    • It has universal appeal – how could anyone dislike this when the applications are so diverse? e.g. go at top speed and gain one of the best workouts ever or use it as a great way to admire unreachable, picturesque scenes via the water

    supping 2

    Health Benefits

    • Core and balance training (abs and legs) – can you imagine the surprise on your friend’s faces if you were to return from your two-week holiday with a washboard stomach? This could definitely help

    *** Supping has gone a step further with its popular combination with Yoga! Talk about the best workout in the world – definitely a rival to basic swimming now

  2. Snorkelling

    The surface of another world!


    Why do it?

    • Literally speaking, snorkelling is the introduction to another world – the aqua universe. Great for any creatives out there
    • Amazing photo opportunities with your waterproof camera – truly show people you’ve experienced the tropical world and all its climate has to offer

    snorkelling  2

    snorkelling 3

    Health Benefits

    • Swimming of course is universally known as the best Cardio workout there is due to the resistance you’re getting from the water
    • Good for joint pains. Strengthening muscles, and improving overall mobility
    • Also good for mental health – this is due to release of endorphins triggered by both the exercise and the calm visuals under water
  3. Kitesurfing

    Taking flight!



    Why do it?

    • This is a unique sport – be the first in – get great at it before everyone else does!
    • Here in the British Virgin Islands, Anegada has the best waters and air conditions possible for Kitesurfing – it still remains very low-key and uncrowded
    • This is another sport you can take at a very calm pace despite how extreme it looks



    Health Benefits

    • Burns calories at a high rate due to balance and core exercise
    • The combination of water and air motions is fantastic for aerobic fitness and the adrenaline rush keeps the mind very happy!
  4. Scuba Diving

    Entering a new universe


    Why do it?

    • This is where you go beyond an introduction and enter a new universe where for first time in the world, you can move three-dimensionally – there’s no comparison to this unless you have enough money to go to space
    • This is a photographer’s dream and provides indisputable proof of a tropical excursion

    scuba diving
    Health Benefits

    • There is a surprisingly long list to this transcending the physical, emotional, and social spheres – all are arguable and a matter of perspective, but this can improve your respiratory system with the controlled breathing involved
    • This provides a calm state of mind – allow you to deal with anxiety and heightened situations of panic better
    • Physical health is improved via swimming involved
    • Your social health will be enhanced because despite its popularly, Scuba Diving is a niche and therefore has specific community. They are friendly and like you, seek adventure and enjoyment of marine life
  5. Windsurfing

    Pure adrenaline

    wind surfing 1

    Why do it?

    • It combines surfing, sailing and puts you in touch with nature
    • It can be as solitary or sociable as you like
    • I think simply saying ‘it looks cool’ suffices as well

    Health Benefits

    • A matter of balance and core training alongside the incredible view promotes a healthy physical and mental development
  6. Sea Kayaking

    Gentle exercise (or epic speed)


    Why do it?

    • One of the calmest watersports there is
    • Great for a scenic tour of the Caribbean
    • Can be sociable if desired and also great for team work


    Health Benefits

    • The arms and shoulders will take the brunt of this!
  7. Surfing

    For the cool kids


    Why do it?

    • Still till this day, people picking surfing because it looks cool – we’ve heard this as a no. 1 reasons many times
    • Josiah’s Bay here in our British Virgin Islands is one of the most famous points

    Health Benefits

    • Great core and balance exercise like many of these sports here with the added bonus of learning a profound respect for the great waves that nature provides
  8. Wakeboarding

    The less known sport


    Why do it?

    • This is an interesting one – due to the fact that the other watersports have great similarities to it, people often ask the question, ‘why do wakeboarding?’ We only have one honest answer – preference. This isn’t as mainstream as the other watersports since it hasn’t been around as long

    Health Benefits

    • Said to burn 350 calories per hour and also tone up arm, leg, abdominal and back muscles
    • High intensity for that endorphin rush

Have you tried any of these or all of them?


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 VIPY Necker Photo

Photo Credits: Fusion BVI, BVI Yacht Shots, and aLookingGlass