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From the Editor

This is special month for us and for you.

We are tallying up the results of the Virgin Islands Property and Yacht Readers’ Choice Awards as you pick up this issue. At the end of the month, Nanny Cay Resort, Marina & Beach will be the proud location to host the finale of this momentous occasion. Look forward to a social evening of celebration as we reveal the best of the best in a number of categories encompassing the BVI’s people, places, and services.

For September’s edition, join us for a taste of the Mediterranean in reviewing vacation home Scottland House. The combination of the property’s historic European setting with the surrounding Caribbean atmosphere is a marvellous way to appreciate the best of both holiday destinations.

BVI HomeSense engages this year’s drought issue with methods to maintain a prosperous household in such adverse conditions.

Yacht Spotlight highlights an incredible vessel from outside the BVI in the majestic Diamonds are Forever; an ocean palace of impeccable standing whose magical interiors live up to her beautiful name.

Following on, From Sea Level chef Megan of Lolalita keeps cuisine preparation fresh with her Seared Tomato and Fig Burrata – an eclectic mix of textures and flavours matching the diverse nature of the Virgin Islands.

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Maritime historian Geoff relays some of the tedious or comical—depending on perspective—aspects of organising a sloop race, and Dolphin Discovery provide a concise guide about maintaining the beauty of the ocean, promoting their conservation programmes.

Renowned retailer Little Switzerland returns to flaunt their newest treasures for Caribbean tourists seeking a gift to complete their tropical retreat – nothing finishes off a traditional Virgin Islands vacation like a piece of stunning duty-free jewellery or a fine watch.

Our Things We Love feature displays the items necessary for perfect entertaining at the beach and Artists’ Corner introduces talented pastry chef Martha Tiffany, who shows that art can be edible as well.

Mark Wollner—well known BVI resident and previous business owner—says a touching farewell in his bold, final journal entry detailing his long-fought battle against cancer; a true inspiration to us all.

And finally, Virgin Islands Life would never be fulfilled without a little island-hopping; where better than the multitude of isles in the BVI with a few of those options presented in this month’s photo exhibition.

On that note…

Wishing you enjoyment of the LAND, SEA, and LIFE of the Virgin Islands

Stephen L France

PS – Don’t forget to join us at Nanny Cay for our annual Readers’ Choice event at the end of the month—September 30, 2015. We will also be announcing the raffle winners for the great prizes available.