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How can BVI tourism improve on islands that already provide everything needed for a perfect vacation?

Introducing the BVI Tour Center – an operation based in Tortola, catering to a wide variety of visitors seeking a tailor-made experience of the tours offered in the BVI.

Speaking to one of the staff members from the Tour Center—Samantha Bowen—she explained that the company’s vocation is to provide “a memorable vacation of the BVI that is true to its own specific culture.”

To execute this concept alongside their mainstream tourist services, the BVI Tour Center is collaborating with most local businesses that provide an experience that exceeds their guest’s expectations, leaving an extraordinary impression.

“We are a conduit for local vendors to get seen and get business through our website and resources. We want to ensure that everyone who works with us increases their own volume and profit,” said the Tour Center representative.


“We mainly specialise in day tours with the potential to constantly branch out for the new, latest, and classic experiences which are constantly being discovered around the world and can be brought to the BVI,” Samantha continued. “Our trips are designed to combine the upmost safety with adventure, culture, comfort, and experiences which not only will be talked about, but read and repeatedly taken by guests for years to come.”

With their vast experience in the BVI’s many services, they anticipate providing very particular ingredients to fulfil visitor demands.

“We intend to be creative in the concepts of travel and tours within the BVI…” said Samantha in reference to the tourist packages that are being developed. “…to be leaders and innovators positioning ourselves within the best tourism companies and to be recognised by our professionalism and high quality products.”

With BVI tourism situated as a significant sector in the Territory’s economy, the BVI Tour Center intends to function as a powerful appendage to both the community and the tourist market.

“We are focused to ensure all walks of life benefit from our input into the community,” Samantha explained. “Demand will open up more jobs and with more exposure, we believe the local community will benefit from the influx of guests looking for something unique and valuable to purchase or experience here in the BVI…with a wide variety of activities to offer, we look to target not only seafaring visitors but also those by air, accommodating all types of guest – business, vacationer and traveller.”


Ranging through water based activities for all ages to land based tours exploring the pristine parts of the BVI, to seeing the island from the skies via air charters, the BVI Tour Center aims to deliver a personalised venture for guests: “Anyone can be on a beach in the world, so we intend to ensure we make it unique and different to any other experience,” said Samantha. “With tour creations being repeated in continents on a regular basis, we want to keep up with the market and the constant changing demands of the vacationer, but ensure we stay true to the BVI.”

With the company’s ethos comes vigilance over the environment; they propose striving for protection of both sea and land in light of the large crowds of tourists enjoying their service.


Concluding, Samantha said, “we plan to build constantly on what we have, ensuring that the BVI continues to be a destination for both new and repeat travellers and vacationers. As much as we want to meet any demand, we also want to ensure that we do not saturate the resources and keep originality as much as possible. “

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