Over the last few years, VIPY has been graced with the fortune of encountering extremely talented photographers through our magazine features – interviews with skilled individuals who unveiled their great abilities in some of our most attractive feature spreads.

With the BVI being quite a transient place, you may have missed these features, but never fear. We have put together a special montage, picking four of those articles with their beautiful photography.

If you’ve never been interested in photography, prepare to be dazzled; if you are a professional, the same applies…

We hope you enjoy reviewing their work as much as we did discovering them.

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Chris Norton (SkyVision VI) – VIPY June 2014

The title of his company says it all. Specialising in aerial photography and video, Chris retains variety in his ability, having shot properties and yachts for us. Constantly popping up in our magazine—at our great appreciation—his company is one of the most recent developments, but that is no reflection on his remarkable work which unveils the talent of a veteran.
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Click for the feature: https://thevimagazine.com/vi-bvi/skyvision-vi/

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Armando Jenik – VIPY June 2014

Armando is a renowned diver and extremely popular photographer – his area of expertise is in the niche of underwater photography and anytime he features in our magazine, readers are in awe of the beauty snapped down under. The passion involved in his vocation is as clear as the Caribbean waters, and we were glad to showcase him again in VIPY June 2014.

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Click for the feature: https://thevimagazine.com/vi-bvi/renowned-marine-legend-showcases-work/

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Don Hebert – VIPY October 2012

Don Hebert’s extensive portfolio ranges through picturesque Virgin Islands’ properties and landscapes. The rich depth of colour and his eye for memorable vistas is as perfect as the seascapes he captures. Featured in our October 2012 Readers’ Choice Edition of the magazine, we were pleased to showcase his diversity in our most coveted issue.

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Click for the feature: http://bviguides.com/Domains/bvipropertyguide/editorial/desireable_fruit.html
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Jim Scheiner and Paul Hubbard (Rainbow Visions VI) – VIPY Oct 2014

Another photography feature—Virgin Islands Life—that slotted in nicely with our VIPY Readers’ Choice Awards issue for 2014, Rainbow Visions provide a vast range of photographic and video services. They deal in every niche and always create the finest product. We take pleasure in having their photography displayed in our magazine every month and will continue to do so. Thank you guys.

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Click for the feature: https://thevimagazine.com/vi-bvi/virgin-islands-life/

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