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Christie’s International Real Estate British Virgin Islands

Claire Shefchik talks to Edward Childs and Sylvia Moses from Smiths Gore about the Company’s rebrand to one that is a global authority on real estate.

Smiths Gore is no ordinary real estate agency. For more than 50 years, they have been providing custom advice to clientele locally and abroad who want to own their piece of the BVI’s unique brand of paradise – helping people make smart property decisions with the help of their deep understanding and abiding love of the islands.

And this October, they entered a whole new chapter when they rebranded the residential sales and short-term villa rentals department as Christie’s International Real Estate British Virgin Islands (CIRE I British Virgin Islands), expanding their reach on the world stage, resulting in a stronger team and a perfect partner for clients looking to invest in the BVI.

Sylvia Moses, business development manager for Smiths Gore, said one of the reasons behind the change was the chance for a greater presence on the international stage.

“While the name Smiths Gore is well known in the UK, US investors and those seeking to buy property in the BVI are not familiar with our name,” she said. “Although Smiths Gore had been an affiliate of Christie’s for many years, we felt the need to have a closer integration with Christie’s International Real Estate as a brand name which is recognised globally. This move to rebrand was made possible when CIRE I Caribbean was established earlier this year to promote the region and networking between the Caribbean affiliates.”

She pointed out Christie’s International Real Estate is a worldwide authority on luxurious living. Clients in over 50 countries have trusted them for the last few decades. From New York to Los Angeles, the Alps to the Andes and the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, they can grant access to exclusive properties no one else can. And now the collaboration with Smiths Gore will mean BVI clients will unlock that market knowledge.

Weather the storms


Smiths Gore was founded by Derek Dunlop in 1965 and although it initially shared a brand identity with a UK firm of chartered surveyors, the BVI office specialised in project management for early resorts and commercial developments. Over the years, Smiths Gore’s skillset enabled buildings to be developed in remote locations like Necker Island, Biras Creek, Peter Island, Pasea Trading Estate and Bitter End Yacht Club – all legendary properties that now have been attached to the company’s name for over half a century. And in 2017 the company expertly weathered the storms and rebuilt its iconic Britannic Hall office, which now stands on Main Street once again as a welcoming beacon to Road Town.

“We envision a renewed Smiths Gore handling our professional work, commercial sales and long-term residential rentals and a vibrant innovative residential agency with CIRE I British Virgin Islands,” said Sylvia, noting that times are changing and even an agency with a rich history has to change too. ‘’We have taken on board the valuable insights of Generation Z and ensured that the new branding direction aligns more closely with their preference.”

Leadership team

Leading the rebranding to Christie’s is director Edward Childs. As one of the top valuers on the Smiths Gore’s team, Edward has been at the heart of real estate in the BVI for decades. His knowledge and expertise have made him an asset to investors across all price ranges, from institutional investors to ultra-high net worth individuals wanting to discreetly purchase idyllic island properties.

An artistic legacy

Of course, the rebrand isn’t just about bringing a world class name on board – Christie’s brings a history steeped in the tradition of art sales. The company has always provided access to some of the world’s most expensive and sought-after pieces, from Dali sketches to Monet landscapes to Picasso portraits. And their new relationship with Smiths Gore means that clients in the BVI could find something just as stunning, from a collection of bright, traditional West Indian houses to a pair of waterfront villas with incredible views. You never know what might come up and buyers will know that anything they fancy will have been thoroughly assessed by the CIRE I British Virgin Islands team.

Meet Archibald Christian, Partner & Real Estate Appraiser

Meet Archibald Christian, Partner & Real Estate Appraiser

After retiring from an esteemed career in politics and community service that spanned some 41 years, Archibald (or Archie, as he is known) returned full-time to Smiths Gore in March 2019 where he had previously worked as a bookkeeper and Real Estate Sales Agent in the early 1980s.
Archie is one of BVI’s most sought-after property appraisers and an integral part of the Valuation/Appraisal team. Archie is the money laundering reporting officer and ensures Smiths Gore is fully compliant with their legal and regulatory obligations. Last, but certainly not least, he heads up the firm’s corporate social responsibility initiatives and ensures that the support and commitment to Smiths Gore’s charitable and educational organisations are fulfilled.

Weaving the stories of the islands

Every home has a story, and real estate in the British Virgin Islands is no exception. From romantic hideaways under $1 million to sprawling luxurious family retreats in higher price ranges, each property in the BVI offers a unique narrative that’s waiting to be discovered.

In the $1 million to $5 million range, there’s the stunning Red Rock estate on Virgin Gorda, which we explore in this issue. The estate is set on a quiet hillside and offers breathtaking sea views. The estate has three bedrooms and a Zen garden for those seeking ultimate tranquility.

For those looking for something even more exclusive, Christie’s International Real Estate also has properties going all the way up to $50 million, such as the Valley Trunk Estate. This secluded retreat is situated on 18 acres of landscaped grounds on Virgin Gorda and offers unparalleled views of the Caribbean. The estate features nine bedrooms spread across four buildings and of course access to the pristine beach mere steps away.

And for clients looking to build businesses, Christie’s International Real Estate also offers an enticing range of commercial properties in the BVI, from luxury resorts to marinas and more.

As they transform into the world-renowned Christie’s International Real Estate, Smiths Gore will continue to prove they have what it takes to create an enviable portfolio of properties just waiting to tell their stories. 

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