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New children’s resort-wear for the BVI

Photography by Lucy Blackmore, AVEDA Berlin

Two complementing components construct today’s successful artist – ‘passion,’ and ‘drive’ to transport those cherished ideas to life. Jasmin Elizabeth Powell exemplifies this concept and like the rare few individuals who have catapulted into the public domain with a vocation in creativity, she has found a career in trendy clothing design for children.

Uniting her experience in the European fashion industry, styling for Red or Dead founder Wayne Hemingway, creating Avant Garde hair sculptures for AVEDA Berlin runway shows, handcrafting luxury couture handbags for Rui Duarte, and as art coordinator at The Be Smart Academy in Berlin, Jasmin found her calling. Ironically however, while attempting to inspire children via art at the academy, she found the reverse effect and was herself stimulated by them.[/one_half_last]

“It was at this stage that I naturally combined my two passions—designing, and working with children; it was here ‘mimiyuyuberlin’ was born,” said Jasmin in reference to the birth of her children’s-wear brand; the title was formed from the nickname of her beloved niece Amelia ‘Mimi’ Powell.

Sporting a playful, modern theme for the young adventurer, Jasmin sees her clothing line as representative of a transition from city to beach, utilising chic, simple silhouettes that focus on the print.


In fuelling her inspiration, Jasmin unveiled her clothing design ideas to her pupils at the academy and was rewarded with insightful feedback. “I would show them my designs and listen intently to their input,” said the designer. “Their intelligence, thirst for knowledge, and sense of adventure have really affected my outlook on life and continue to do so to this day.”

Growing up, Jasmin spent a lot of time in Africa where her father was born, and senses her allure to bright colours originated from the vivacious scenery of the continent. Also encouraged by the scene of the south coast of England where she was born, the traditional appearance of her school uniform attracted her to classic styles in clothing design as well – a stark contrast to her adoration of the vibrant.

“I spent my early years travelling over Europe every summer which inspired me to move to Berlin when I was just 21 years old,” continued Jasmin in recollecting the origins of her career and her favourability toward European fashion. “The diversity, deep history, and people I met sparked inspiration in me. I worked for several different fashion houses – Scandinavian, Italian and of course German.”

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In March 2014, Jasmin emigrated to discover the delights of the BVI and more specifically, Cooper Island.

“Working and living at Cooper has inspired me more than I ever could have imagined, the ocean in particular,” said the enthusiastic designer. “I have never visited a country that has such an array of incredible animals and sea life…I try to see things as children do in order to design. I became so fascinated with the abundance of hermit crabs we have on island. The crabs remind me of alien-like creatures hence, ‘Diving into Space’ being the title of my first clothing collection.”

With her first T-Shirt range seeing Berlin based artist Niels De Jong creating an array of sea creature illustrations in his renowned abstract style, Jasmin felt this was the most innovative method of bestowing uniqueness in her clothing.

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“I knew I had to have Niels on board…his illustrations are popping up all over Europe, in furniture design and print,” Jasmin explained. “His fun yet complex designs play with shape, colour and texture, which completely embody what ‘mimiyuyuberlin’ stands for in children’s clothing.”

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With the launch of her website mimiyuyuberlin.com and the first collection ‘Diving into Space’ this spring—exclusively to the Seagrape Boutique at Cooper Island and Nantucket USA—Jasmin seeks further exposure in California this summer to meet with various boutiques. Her optimism lies in continuing to design modern, future-thinking children’s wear: “I want to push myself further with each new collection whilst continuing to stay true to my aesthetic.”