September is always a unique month in the BVI calendar year – in our experience, it’s the best time to indulge quiet recuperation in preparation for the busy high season ahead.

Things We Love is here to help you, freshening you up for the fall with some products selected specifically for ‘new beginnings.’ And speaking of ‘new beginnings,’ our exclusive property showcase is a home where you could be starting again. We’ve visited this home before and are only too happy to view it for a second time—The Tower House. Situated in Tortola’s West End, this three-level villa is the secret getaway that many residents would never have known existed…hence the word ‘secret.’ It’s a beautiful luxury property that boasts Caribbean architectural charm. The location beside Soper’s Hole Marina and West End ferry dock makes it apt for serving all a homeowner’s needs.

Habitat unveils the perfect work environment for all your study requirements – get ready for the school term or continue the work you’ve already been doing, but with more style embracing design pointers from Debi Carson.

Villas & Views bestows a few tips for hurricane season. The recent weather has been quite extreme, but it’s always good to keep your guard up at this point in time.

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VIPY investigate the latest home design trends, providing you with six fashionable and innovative styles that are taking properties by storm.

This month, OBMI’s wealth of experience supports one of the home design trends we mention, as their feature delves into details about smart homes and the comfort they permit; a truly smooth way to live.

Yacht Spotlight exhibits a yacht whose name—Chasing Daylight—is uplifting alone. The vessel is as attractive as her title and the charter promises exquisite service with an additional deep passion for fishing. If you’re not an avid-fisher or have never been acquainted with the sport, you’re sure to be by the end of this adventure.

Delish provides some tasty recipes for parents, readying their children for returning to school and Style & Beauty takes on the theme Film Noir – the dark, seductive tone envelopes the products on display this month.

Wishing you enjoyment of the LAND, SEA, and LIFE in the Virgin Islands.

Stephen L France

PS – Coming up next month, for the first time in VIPY history, our special edition construction and renovation issue! It’s double the size of our usual publication and jammed full of useful content to guide you in all your property purchase and construction needs!