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The Future is Brights

Up and coming design and colour trends that will brighten any space

Decorating a home is a deeply personal process. We all have preferences, colours and styles that speak to us. But once in a while, we can get into a rut when it comes to designing our most personal spaces. Without going all in on every trendy design technique, you can still incorporate fresh and new items to keep your home looking its best.

With a finger on the pulse of the design world, here are some trends that you’ll begin to notice this season that not only offer a great new look, but have staying power.


Colour trends typically have an average lifespan of 10 years. We are now nearing the end of the grey period that began in 2009 and decorators, suppliers and industry experts are looking for the next big thing.

Black is definitely a huge influence, as are black accents and hardware. However, featuring too much of a dark colour can be extremely tricky in the Caribbean.


At High Point furniture market this spring, showrooms had made a noticeable switch from grey to beige. Yes, beige is back – but it’s been updated! This classic neutral is still perfectly fine to mix with white, brown and black, the hottest trend (and one that can totally change a room) is to mix it in with brights.

The last beige wave of the 80s and early 90s featured color schemes that were very monotone. This latest intense colour trend is the exact opposite

This time, the muted beige is brought to life and punctuated with bursts of vibrant colour.

Industry leaders have chosen bright and intense colors as their 2018 features. While each of these colours (Pantone’s Ultraviolet, Benjamin Moore’s Caliente and Sherwin-Williams’s Oceanside) are all very different, they are all bright and intense.

Ultraviolet’s intense hue evokes a rich, royal feeling. It can be dramatic, so when painting with this color use it as an accent wall or in a room with plenty of natural light. Shades of Ultraviolet work really well as accents in pillows or floor coverings. Wallpaper is making a comeback as well, and interesting patterns with vivid colours can liven up a room. Ultraviolet in the Caribbean home brings in the hues of an orchid, making it still relevant in a tropical setting.

Caliente from Benjamin-Moore is spicy and fun. It’s warm tone pairs well with beige and brings a pop of colour to an entryway or provides a warm, elegant setting for a dinner party in the dining room.

Perfect for the Caribbean, Sherwin-Williams’s Oceanside will be perpetually popular for an island home. Its deeper teal hues provide a cool and modern take on the traditional blues and greens that invite the sea into a home. In a bathroom, dark teal tile

If these intense brights are just that – too intense – there are other trending colours that can bring new life into your home. Yellow and green are making a splash in interiors right now and work well with almost all neutrals, including beige. Softer yellows make a space calmer and cozier. A zippy Kelly green energizes a space without being too bold.

Tip: when using yellow on walls, remember to go with a muted tone. What looks good on a paint chip can look like a neon sign when spread over a large area.

New Traditional Style

Another emerging trend to take note of is the “new traditional” decorating style. These rooms incorporate classic decorating ideas and incorporate whimsical pieces to modernize the room; it’s all about mixing the expected with the unexpected.

With colour, a new traditional space may have classic pieces of furniture employed in a modern colour palette or unique details like new hardware. The unexpected details are what create a space that feels traditional without being stuffy. Modern lighting is a great way to incorporate the new traditional style. A whimsical fixture in a traditional dining area makes a fancy dinner party more approachable while still feeling elegant.

10 Tips for Incorporating Trends

  1.  Don’t be afraid to mix modern with traditional
  2.  Beige is the new grey
  3. Decorate with bright accent pieces against beige undertones
  4.  Lighting is a great way to mix a contemporary idea with a traditional scheme
  5.  Yellow is a great accent color – a special surprise in a black and white color scheme
  6.  Incorporate a modern fabric print within a classic setting
  7.  Mix the unexpected with the expected. Move pieces already featured in your home to a different space
  8.  Florals ALWAYS wake up a room
  9.  Remember that colour chips are twice are bright when used in a large space
  10.  Don’t throw out the old – updated it to incorporate it with the new

Many may be tempted at this point to rush out and decorate an entire house in one of these new trends. Remember, a good look is always achieved with balance and harmony using coordinated colour combinations, well-placed art, furniture, lighting and accessories. Design trends come and go, but as long as you use trends to complement your personal style, you won’t go wrong.

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