Moorings Winner

From the Editor

Who’s going to win?

This is the current question in the aLookingGlass office as we continue our 2015 Readers’ Choice vote for the best people, places, and services in the British Virgin Islands. It’s always interesting to see who emerges as the most popular in the region and while some companies have held their award like a vice year after year, others have slipped at the wayside to their contenders with votes so close we were compelled to provide a runner-up award in 2014. We wish every nominee good fortune in this competitive event and if there are any queries, please email us [email protected]. Voters will be entered in for great prizes so jump to it at

Highlighting the contents of this month’s issue, we enjoy a relaxing retreat in the serene Cane Garden Bay Cottages – several of the aLG team can testify to the tranquillity of this seaside haven and its unrivalled access to the vibrant beach of Cane Garden Bay.

In BVI HomeSense, we reaffirm the solidarity of BVI architecture in light of hurricane season. We were also delighted to entertain a unique vessel under our Yacht Spotlight; a revolutionary type of superyacht that can see owners and guests enjoying the depths of the ocean. Yes, it would actually be able to descend beyond the sea line providing a novel perspective. One can imagine the amusing possibilities if this were a crewed charter vessel.

From Sea Level, Chef Megan gifts us with the recipe for Almond-Lemon Custard Tart and our BVI Maritime History Tales take a present day spin as two traditional sloops are bestowed upon HLSCC in their mission to share the historical culture of Tortola.

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Continuing in our SEA section, exploration of our coral reefs’ future reveal some positive developments from ARK (Association of Reef Keepers) and Blue Rush Water Sports reveal the newest way to ride the waves.

Moving to our LIFE portion, travel essentials for this summer season are on display in our Things We Love feature by home accessories retailer House, and the HIV Aids Foundation, a charitable organisation stationed in Road Town steers to educate the Territory on national health.

Finally, we have an extra special Artists’ Corner segment this month with the introduction of the Killi Killi Arts Centre that offers cultural diversions in the BVI, so if the sea and water sports don’t enthral you, there are always more gentle pursuits.

Wishing you enjoyment of the LAND, SEA, and LIFE of the Virgin Islands

Stephen L France

PS – Congratulations to Akeem Legair, Seerujnie Gaindoo, and Jerome Rubin-Delanchy for winning Moorings daysails in our Reader Giveaway