WHEN: Saturday 24th October, 9am                             

WHERE: Brewers Bay

WHAT: Fun, interactive experience making a large 350 in the sand, using items found on the

Please bring a plastic bag to pick up a litter.

More information on this Avaaz 350 worldwide event below – see what other countries are doing.

Everyone welcome.

The event will be co-ordinated by the Phi Theta Kappa Group from the HLSCC and the ladies of S.A.S.S. – with support from Green VI, Conservation and Fisheries and the BVI Tourist Board.

Please forward to your friends. See you there.

350 information:

The theme of October 24 will be the number 350 — which stands for 350 parts per million, the amount scientists say would be the climate-safe level of carbon in the atmosphere. For more information about the number 350 see:

89 countries have now committed in principle to the 350 goal. To bring more countries on board and make the goal a part of the upcoming global climate treaty will take a breakthrough day of public, visible actions that demonstrate the breadth and power of the global climate movement. Each of us can make this happen.

More than 170 countries are participating in the single most widespread day of political action that the earth has ever seen. Here are just a few highlights from around the world:

A Global 350 Mosaic:

* Organizers in Sydney and Beijing are forming giant human 3's, while activists in London and Delhi make huge 5's, and citizens in Copenhagen and Quito form enormous 0's, together making a global 350, a symbol of the need for all of us to work together.

* In Kenya, 350 Maasai children will perform a jumping dance, highlighting that for their pastoral lifestyle, climate change is already underfoot.

* Across China, over 200 events are planned at iconic locations like wind-turbine farms, coastal cities, and at melting glaciers.

* In Mexico City, thousands of students and citizens will form a giant 350 human banner visible from the air in the famous Venustiano Carranza Plaza.