In the Caribbean – The Season is the term we use to describe the busiest period in the Islands. The Season starts around the middle of October and ends after Easter.  It is the time when the Caribbean comes to life after the sleepy, hot, humid summer.  The hurricane season is now at an end and the weather changes for the better, becoming pleasantly cooler. Winter residents return from their summer homes and many permanent residents are back from their annual vacations.  This is typically a time when home owners are enthusiastic and inspired to improve and update their homes for the coming season.

To begin with, hurricane protection has to be removed and houses aired if they have been closed up for the summer.   Now is a good time for checking pumps are running correctly, all lights and light bulbs are working and appliances don’t need to be replaced.  If you have a generator, it may need servicing. Check mosquito screens are not torn and that windows will open and close with ease. It is a time for “spring cleaning” – a new beginning.  Top to toe cleaning of paintwork, walls and windows.  Cupboards and drawers get reorganized, and garden maintenance begins after the slower summer growth.  There are excellent upholsterers on the island and now is a good time to replace old sofa and chair covers, or change slip covers for a different laid back island style feel.
The New Season brings with it old friends returning for another holiday.  This means that you may be entertaining again and so a good time to try out some new recipes or a new restaurant.  Now is the time that you may need to renew gas bottles.  Nothing kills the mood of a dinner party like the oven failing to work!
You may want to update your dining furniture.  Try outside patio dining or invest in some new china, cutlery or table linens.  Make sure you have all the lamps you need, replace shades and check that you have enough candles at the ready.  Although candles are great for ambiance, who knows when there may be power outage!
Alternatively, you may be having guests to stay.  Why not decorate the guest bedroom.  New curtains, bedside tables, lamps, sheets and pillows may all need to be replaced or updated.
If you are the owner of a rental property, small hotel or guest house, and your guests are only able to appreciate our Caribbean lifestyle for perhaps a few weeks a year there are still many ways that you can ensure that your visitors enjoy their stay and want to return year after year.  Giving holidaymakers a ‘home from home’ atmosphere will encourage them to relax and enjoy themselves from the moment they enter your house.  We know from experience and from our customers that little touches like beautifully scented soaps and lotions in the bathrooms; good quality towels and bed linens; vases with shells or flowers; tasteful colour schemes, and well stocked kitchens  make for “happy campers” and a high return rate.
When all the preparations for the season have been made, and your “to do list” is complete, whether you are returning to work, returning after the summer or waiting to entertain guests for a few days, sit back, appreciate your hard work, enjoy your surroundings and have a great season.