Luxury abounds on every level in this 4-bedroom, 5-bathroom home with all of the master touches of a fine estate.  This is Asolare.

Don’t be fooled. This is a family home not a show house.  This property combines the best of luxury, simplicity and practicality.  Near Hodges Creek, this West Indian-style home sits nestled on a hillside and comes complete with a long winding drive.  As you arrive at the entrance to the old fort, the old Quaker cemetery is just down the way, and adjacent to the fort entrance are a bird sanctuary and an herb garden.


Behind the tall blue doors you will find yourself walking down the stone winding steps, where you can take in the view of Buck Island over the deck, along with the solar-heated circular infinity pool.  To the left is the main house followed by the guest house.  The deck area allows for outside dining and boasts a pizza oven and a large grill.  The guest bathroom has the most interesting one-piece wooden sink you will ever see.


Proceeding inside to the main house, comfortable chairs and classically styled bookcases set the mood for relaxation.  Cool breezes waft in from the balcony, consisting of a wooden decking area with lounge chairs.  The kitchen is vast, with huge refrigerators and ample storage space.  You can’t escape the feeling that this is a family home, with an aura both warm and welcoming.


On the balcony is the lift to the first of two beaches, down to a 100-ft dock with electricity and water.  On this beach are a bocce ball court and a cabana with fridges, chairs and sand.  The beach is great for cocktails and boating. It boasts a long stair access through a wind of various fruit trees (the owners once had an orchard) including lime, lemon, mango and banana.  The second beach below the master suite is more rugged and wild and is ideal for snorkelling.  On the day of our visit we observed two large turtles swim the length of the bay—a daily routine we were told.


The house was designed by Michael Arnebourg and the owners and built by Raphael Williams.  Perched 70 feet above sea level, this sturdy dwelling is hurricane- and earthquake-prepped; large wooden shutters stand at the ready.  The style is traditional West Indian, with high tongue and groove ceilings and an even level to the buildings.


The guest house consists of a two-tier level of bedrooms and entertainment.  Upstairs are the kids’ room and the parents’ room, with high, cool ceilings and a private deck.  Below are another bedroom and a glorious yesteryear games room, complete with pool table.  Outside is another entrance to the property on a gravel path.


The master suite is a relaxing haven, traditional in style, with his and hers closets, an outside shower with rock garden, and a four-poster bed.  The suite also has its own deck and a surround view of the islands. Cool, quiet and private, it is the owner’s sanctuary.  Furniture throughout is a mix of Balinese, antique and contemporary fittings.


The pride that has gone into the building and upkeep of this property is apparent.  The landscaping and maintenance of the house has been performed by the owners.  It meshes beautifully with the spirit of the land and reflects the owners’ love of the islands. Steeped in history with an even grander future ahead, Asolare represents island living at its best.  Combining the best of the past with modern technology, and affording breathtaking views and easy beach access, this is a home at which friends and family will always feel welcome.