Tuesday, September 29 – The BVI Fishing Complex has now increased its marketing and advertising capability with the launch of a new website designed to promote the Territory’s fishing industry.

The website, www.bvifishingcomplex.com provides direct access to the services, and products of the Fishing Complex as well as answers to frequently asked questions and a photo gallery displaying patrons and visitors at the complex.

Persons can also access delicious seafood recipes complete with nutritional content and submit their own healthy recipes for consideration.

Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour Mrs. Janice Rymer acknowledged the goal of the ministry and its departments to raise the standard and quality of services provided while establishing meaningful and trusting relationships with customers.

“The global and economic environment dictates the need to be innovative and creative in a competitive world market.  Initiatives such as the launching of this website helps us to identify real achievement in moving forward and keeping up with technological and economical times,” Mrs. Rymer said

Manger of the BVI Fishing Complex Mr. Roderick Evans described the launch as a move in the right direction for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour and the BVI Fishing Complex.
“We have challenges before us.  Most of those challenges are reciprocal of the global economy and the environment around us, but we must find ways to market our products and make the community aware of the need for fish and all its by-products and services.  The BVI Fishing Complex’s website will grow as the needs persist and we will continue to meet our goals,” he stated.

Present at the launch were Acting Assistant Manager for the BVI Fishing Complex Mrs. Ruth Smith-George and Acting Permanent Secretary in the Deputy Governor’s Office Mrs. Arlene Smith who delivered remarks on behalf of the Deputy Governor.

The BVI Fishing Complex invites the public to visit the website at www.bvifishingcomplex.com and provide feedback to assist it in striving to continuously meet the needs of residents.

The BVI Fishing Complex is committed to providing the highest quality seafood products and customer service.  It is the complex’s aim to raise local consumers’ awareness about the importance of the fishing industry to the Territory’s economy and culture and to provide information concerning fish and seafood products.

The BVI Fishing Complex Website launch is in keeping with Government’s renewed programme of public sector reform and focuses on the service delivery aspect.  The other aspects of the reform are strategic planning and human resource management.