New Horizons  –  With a new office at Mill Mall, a restructuring of management and now a “Stay and Sail”-tailored vacation rental programme, the team at Caribbean Realty is truly spreading its wings.  With director Maritha Keil at the helm, the good ship is focusing on island needs from within and abroad, on land and sea.

Spearheaded by Steven and Valda Bromfield, with 13 years of chartering experience, BVI charter crew Caribbean Realty is developing its Stay and Sail programme with an intended web launch date of July.  The aim is to have a vast selection of various types of yachts and villas at their disposal to organize time-tailored vacations for individual and group-specific needs.  The former skipper and wife/chef team is now accompanied by their newborn, and eager to share the secret spots of the BVI, both land and sea, with potential clients.  Because every client is different, with unique wants and needs, they tailor their person-to-person approach specifically toward the individual or group in question.  Both Bromfields have backgrounds in human resources management, so their ability to interview candidates and select the best possible package to meet their needs is exceptional.


The Stay and Sail concept is a natural extension of Caribbean Realty’s wealth of knowledge and connections in the islands.  The company intends to focus entirely on the BVI and use local contacts and resources exclusively.  Whilst the vacation rental division of Caribbean Realty does not want, at this stage, to go fully into property management, it just so happened that many of the homes on their listings had not considered short-term rentals with flexible stays.  Using sources outside of their listings, the team hopes to add on other homes.  In addition, they are now being approached by private yacht owners who see the benefit of short-term turnarounds—namely an intensive optimized experience supported by high-end service—as yet another alternative to the normal weekly term charters.  In their own words, Steve and Valda compare this pairing of wants and needs to matchmaking, with the added bonus of concierge facilities.

Service support is also a key consideration for the new vacation rentals department.  Within Caribbean Realty, many homes require consultation with property owners and site visits to ensure all is in order or works are being carried out.  Vacation rentals at Caribbean Realty hopes for the same.  That favourite bottle of wine will be opened at room temperature upon arrival and every effort will be made to provide the client with a lifestyle befitting the yacht or homeowner, albeit for only a few days at a time.  Interviewing the crews and reviewing the properties is vital to the operation.

Director Maritha Keil is enjoying the new structure at Caribbean Realty yet she says they are remaining true to their identity, with the sale of homes remaining their primary focus.  Already with several listed properties and yachts available on their books for vacation rental, the team, under new office manager Casper Luiken, strives to make every aspect of your Caribbean dream come true.  Having a broker house that has a tap on every house and service it can find is going to give you a taste of the island flavour you may have been seeking.


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